Tidal King California Paddle Board Reviewed

Besides swimming and floating, you should consider adding paddling to spice up your water experience. In addition to skill, paddle boarders understand the importance of a quality paddleboard, and Tidal King California paddle is the way to go.

Tidal King California Paddle Board

Features of Tidal King California 

To have a comprehensive analysis of the Tidal king paddleboard, let’s dissect the features it possesses.

Key Specs

  • This paddleboard is 10′ 6″ x 33″ x 6″ in size, allowing a maximum load of 300Lbs.
  • The Tidal King paddleboard has an inflatable board weight of 18Lbs which takes about five minutes to inflate and less than three minutes to deflate.
  • The maximum Pound per square inch is 15, but the recommended is 13.
  • The paddleboard comes with a two-year warranty.


The design of the Tidal King paddle board is suitable for both skilled and beginner paddleboarders.

Due to its length, generous width, and thick base, this paddleboard offers stability making the ride smooth even for heavier adults.

The paddle is made of aluminum which allows it to float. In addition, it is adjustable for you to match its length to your height for a comfortable experience. Finally, the deck is made of non-slip material allowing your feet to have a firm stand.

A kayak kit is in the design for your kayaking needs. The kayak seat is fixed at the center of the board with four D-ring connections to give comfort and balance on the waters.

Military-grade Quality Build

Tidal King California paddleboard is made of high-quality military-grade PVC. The material is lightweight and durable, giving riders a better riding experience. The lightweight makes the boarding experience easy and fun without adding extra weight.

The paddleboard architecture is in a manner that allows easy transport of the board to the ocean, river, or lake. In addition to portability, the tidal king paddleboard comes with a quality pump to make the inflating process faster. After riding, the paddleboard deflates in less than three minutes.


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In addition, the paddle and kayak blade disconnects into several parts, which easily fit into the backpack.


Tidal king paddleboard accessories include a high-pressure dual-action air pump, board, removable bottom panel fin, tool kit, GoPro holder, coiled leash,600D polyester storage, and waterproof phone holder.

The adjustable aluminum paddle disconnects into three parts, making it suitable for riders irrespective of your height.

The dual-action pump is easy to use as all that it requires is to connect the hose to the adaptor. Then close the switch valve to use the pump and pump to higher pressures effortlessly. The pump has a capacity of 2 by 1.8L with a maximum pressure of 29PSI. It comes with a 1.25m hose that helps connect the pump to the paddleboard. When done, the pump fits perfectly in the 600D backpack.

The tidal king paddleboard backpack is big enough to fit a whole kit, including a pump, paddle, fin, and board. In addition, the backpack has two straps attached to it, making it easy to carry on your back.

Coiled Leash: To ensure security while on the paddleboard, a leash wraps comfortably around your ankle and connects you to your paddleboard. In addition, the paddleboard has two side fins and a removable center fin. When attached, the middle fin locks right in place, and you remove it when packing the paddleboard into its backpack.

GoPro mount and waterproof phone holder: For you to capture all the fun, you are having in the waters. The paddleboard has a GoPro mount to install your GoPro camera and film your experience. In addition, there is a waterproof phone holder which allows you to carry your phone along and take pictures or record the fun moments with your loved ones. The waterproof phone holder keeps your phone dry and enables you to stay connected to dry land.

Tool kit: The tool kit is part of the paddleboard package, which contains some repair tools that will come in handy in case of damage.

Kayak kit: The tidal paddleboard includes a kayak kit, which has a kayak seat with D-ring connections at the center of the paddleboard. These will enable you to sit on the board like a Kayak.  In addition, an adjustable aluminum paddle is inclusive of the kayak pack. It can serve as either the paddle or kayak paddle.

What Do Users Say?

Most of its users awarded the Tidal King California SUP a five-star rating. This paddle board is convenient for beginners, intermediates, adults, heavier adults, and kids.

  • Paddle design makes boarding smooth and fun.
  • Paddleboard can handle two people comfortably.
  • Kayak kit makes the board suitable for both paddling and kayaking.
  • Packaging is convenient for portability before and after use.
  • Deflating process is easy and takes less than three minutes.
  • Vast length and width of the paddleboard offer it stability to ride on
  • Board is made of high-quality material, meaning it is durable and doesn’t damage easily.
  • Affordable.
  • Easy to deflate and fold.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Inflating the paddleboard is such a task if you don’t have an electric pump.
  • Pulling the board out of water is a hustle.
  • The paddle is only available in gray and blue colors.
  • Inflating the paddleboard will consume all the energy you require to paddle.

Our rating: 4.7 Star Rating 4.7 / 5

It is safe to conclude that the tidal king California paddleboard is a top-notch product and an excellent investment. The paddle is incredible for kayaking and paddling, giving you a fun water experience. In addition, the material used to make this paddleboard is of excellent quality and offers stability to all riders irrespective of their height and weight.

This five-star product is user-friendly and portable, making it easy for you to carry when going to the ocean, river, or lake. The Tidal King California SUP is the way to go for all the kayaking and paddleboard lovers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About The Tidal King California Paddle Board

Below is a list of useful questions asked by customers interested in the Tidal King California Paddle Board. The answers should inform you further about this amazing paddleboard.

1. Can I get a replacement if I drop my detachable fin in the water?

Yes, you can get a replacement. The fin is 14 by 21 cm, but you can fit a fin of different types, sizes, and dimensions. Screw the fin firmly to avoid dropping it in the water.

2. What type of valve does the paddleboard have?

The paddleboard comes with a switch valve, and a high-pressure Dual-action manual air pump is included in the package to make inflation easier.

3. Is the board suitable for beginners?

The paddleboard is built to suit beginners, intermediates, adults, heavier adults, and kids. The paddleboard has a leash and an adjustable paddle to offer you maximum stability.

4. Can the board fit more than one adult?

Yes, the board is long and wide enough to fit two or three adults. It can handle a maximum load weight of 300Lbs.

5. How heavy is the tidal king paddleboard?

The paddleboard weighs about 15 kilograms. The package is folded nicely and fits into a backpack with straps making it easy to carry. The backpack can fit in your car, making it easy to carry with you when fishing, exploring or touring water bodies.

Bottom Line

Paddling is a great sporting activity and is even better if you’re using a good paddleboard. The extra-wide Tidal King California paddle board is a great option if you’re looking for a military-grade paddleboard with great features. Happy maneuvers!