Swonder Paddle Board Review | Is It Worth It?

Swonder Paddle Board

The Swonder Paddle Board inflates and deflates quickly for easy transportation and storage. After rolling it up to a compact size, you can pack it into the backpack provided to transport it or store it anywhere. If you are hopping on a plane or taking a road trip, you can enjoy paddling when you reach your destination.

Features of the Swonder Paddle Board

Here are some features of the durable and high-quality board.

  • 11’6” long
  • 32” wide
  • 6” thick
  • 21.5 lbs
  • Rider capacity of 300 lbs.
  • Airtight inner rail
  • Coating
  • Drop stitch base cloth
  • Drop stitch core
  • EVA deck pad
  • Hand pump
  • Outside PVC layer
  • Paddle
  • Reinforcing band
  • Rider capacity of 300 lbs.
  • Side wall

Here you can check an official overview video:

What Do Users Say? (Paraphrased Reviews)

This particular customer was quite happy with the quality and customer service:

“The board is well-built, but if running a river, you are going to break a fin. Swonder, to their credit, fixed me up after I broke the fin after a few days. The fin is non-standard, and no replacement was available anywhere. I was angry and wrote a negative review. The Swonder customer service made it all better. They sent me four fins at no charge. I am now pleased with the product, as it is stable, even going through rapids, and I am even happier with their customer service.”

Here you can check customer reviews that were overall happy with their purchase:

“I purchased this board for my wife as a gift and made sure I checked it before wrapping. Seems to be very well-built. But the pump did not work. They sent me a new one. Just as important as the quality of the product is the quality of the customer service. Both are great!”

“Swonder Paddle Board seems like a good board so far. I love how it packs up in the supplied backpack. I could be carried easily for a few miles. Most importantly, my 55 lb. Dutch Shepherd can climb on board with very little assistance. She does wear a vest. This is a dog-approved board.”

“We love our inflatables and wanted to try another brand.  So we tried the Swonder sup. We have used it a couple of times, and it leaks already. This board is terrible. The other brands we have are amazing. This product should be fully replaced, but they will not answer our calls.”

“We love our paddleboard. We are creating awesome memories during a time when we didn’t think we could.”

“I purchased one for my girlfriend. We enjoyed it so much, I bought another. Boards are very stable and solid. They are easy to transport. I like the removable keel because we enjoy going through shallow areas to see wildlife. Customer service was very helpful with questions. We highly recommend.”

“Solid paddleboard but three straps broke on the bag during first few uses. I was skeptical because the material gave off toxic smelly fumes for a day. It is sturdy as a tank, but the bag is as flimsy as a Ziploc. After just a few uses, I had three broken straps. It cost me $50 to buy a new bag. Also, the paddle doesn’t float, and the pump is just so-so.”

“Very happy with the board. Stable enough to do yoga on and for the kids to take out playing. It is easy to paddle straight and make turns. Nice grip on the top that is soft for comfort. I paddled it down a mellow class 1-2 river, and it handled well. Light to carry, quick to put together. Be careful if your paddle comes apart, as the separate pieces do not float at all. It seems to be well-made and sturdy. Overall lots of fun and a good value.”

These several different customers were not so happy with their purchases:

“The paddle is in three pieces and does not stay together. When pumping air into the board, after detaching the pump, air leaks out. The dial on the pump came broken. Overall, I am thoroughly disappointed, especially for the price.”

“I was so disappointed! We bought these for a week-long camping trip. We took it out of the box at the lake, and it would not stay inflated. Actually, we tried three times, and each time it appeared to inflate fine, only to buckle up once we got on it. I used the manual pump and an electrical pump to see if I could get it to work, but no luck. Personally, I loved the look, the color, easy to carry, the backpack is nice, the fin is easy to put on, and the paddle is easy to adjust – but none of this means anything if it cannot be used.”

“Really disappointed with the quality of the pump and tubing. Both arrived faulty and leaking. Unfortunately, at this point, I cannot review the board because I cannot inflate it. The idea was to have all the supplies I needed with the order. But now I need to spend more money to order a separate pump.”

These are just several of the hundreds of verified reviews of the Swonder paddle board that we have gone through.

Pros and Cons

Our rating: 4.6 Star Rating 4.6 / 5

Now that you know what you are getting into, here is a list of pros and cons.

  • Has the same features as hard paddleboards but is wrapped in a softshell
  • Most cost-effective board on the market
  • Most dog-friendly type of paddleboard
  • Perfect option for kids and families
  • Excellent for beginners
  • Great for yoga enthusiasts
  • Great for fishermen
  • Easy to handle, easy to transport
  • Weighs more than other boards
  • Not as speedy in the water
  • Customer service lacking — they don’t answer calls
  • Occasional faulty pump
  • The paddle does not stay together
  • Gauge not made well

Things to remember

  • Make sure the inflation valve core is in the “up” position before inflating
  • Always wear the safety leash when in use
  • Put the protector on the two small fins after use

When you are taking your family boarding, it is very important you have a board that can withstand the elements. And they need to be durable. Kids can be rough with boards and drop them easily. You need a board that is up to the challenge. That would be the Swonder Paddleboard!