Kayaking sounds like a wonderful thing to do. Not only does it get you outdoors, but it gets you on the water. Whether you are out there to enjoy the serene setting of being outdoors or you are looking to fish, you are going to need a reliable kayak to use. After all, you are out on the water and if what you are using to navigate isn’t sturdy, you run the risk of being seriously injured. Just like getting the right mountain bike is imperative to your time riding, a kayak is a purchase you should do some research into.

When you are looking for the right kayak to purchase, you’re probably berated with a long list of options that make your head want to spin. What is the right choice? What is the reliable choice? The first thing you want to do when you are wanting to choose the right kayak is to do some research. Research includes searching different products online and checking out the reviews from people who have previously purchased the product you are looking for.

The kayak that we are going to be looking at is the SUNDOLPHIN Bali SS. Coming in blue or green, this kayak is available online. You can purchase it and have it delivered, but is it worth the buy? You want to know why this may be the best option for you or why it isn’t the best choice for you. In this article, let’s go through the basics of the SUNDOLPHIN Bali SS before the positives and negatives of this kayak.

What is the SUNDOLPHIN Bali SS?

As mentioned earlier, the SUNDOLPHIN Bali SS is an on-water kayak that you can use to fish or trek the water early in the water. Or at night in case you are wanting to use your kayak for an in the dark trip.

Enjoy maximum stability when you have this kayak, which is important. You certainly don’t want to tip over when you are on the water! There is a portable accessory carrier that can be used for extra storage. There’s a dry storage compartment with shock cord rigging. The open cockpit allows for an easier time getting in and out. I don’t need to tell you why this a great feature – who doesn’t want to have an easy time getting into their kayak?

There’s a large comfortable seating area that is decked out with protective thigh pads. Thanks to the large seating area, the Bali SS is also a good choice for dog kayaking. It is also important to note that when you are buying it online, a personal phone number is needed to schedule a delivery.

Pros and Cons

Now let’s compare pros and cons of SUNDOLPHIN Bali SS.


Now that we have gone through the basics of the SUNDOLPHIN Bali SS, let’s go through the positive reviews that purchasers have left online. These are those who have bought this kayak and have deemed it a good buy. What are some of the people online saying? Let’s go through that:

  • The first reviewers is an overly positive one. Not only did they praise the cheap price, but they were also happy with how easy and comfortable it is to navigate in. The user has lost weight and comments that they couldn’t be any happier. They expressed that the kayak is stable, which is great because, as said earlier; you don’t want to tip over into the water.
  • One person had also expressed that this kayak is one that they have had for years and it is still working to this day. When you are purchasing something, you want to make sure there is longevity. It seems that this is an option for you.
  • A person of average height also said that they were able to stretch out comfortably in this kayak.

Of course, every product is going to have some negatives that need to be factored in before purchasing the item. Let’s go through some of the downsides people have pointed out online.

  • One reviewer expressed that if you are leaning to one side for too long, the scupper hole will let in some water. The solution for this is to sit up straight and the water will drain out.
  • There are no handles on the side and the kayak doesn’t have a backrest – it does seem however that you can install a backrest though.
  • The weight limit can be somewhat limiting.

Conclusion: Should You Buy the SUNDOLPHIN Bali SS?

Our rating: 4.2 Star Rating 4.2 / 5

We have gone through this option in the kayak arena to see if it’s a smart decision to purchase it. According to purchasers, it seems to be a reliable kayak that will last for years. There are a few negative reviews, but none of them seem to be too bad. With a great shipping policy and a reasonable price, it does seem that the SUNDOLPHIN Bali SS is the option to go with if you are looking to get in some exercise.