Solstice Rogue Inflatable Kayak Review

Shopping for an inflatable kayak immediately means answering a whole litany of questions.

Is the material from which it is made in danger of tearing? How lightweight is the material? Is it portable? How does it compare with other, more traditionally hard-shelled kayaks?

Solstice Rogue Inflatable Kayak

These and other features are at the forefront of the conversation when we consider options such as the Solstice Rogue Inflatable Kayak. On the one hand, it plays into many of the stereotypes that we have about inflatable kayaks. On the other hand, it also does a good job of subverting some of them with its many strengths.

With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at the Solstice Rogue Inflatable kayak and see how well it stays afloat amid a sea of questions.

Features of Solstice rogue Inflatable Kayak

Among the main features offered by the Solstice Rogue Inflatable Kayak include:

  • 126 in. x 33 in.
  • Two-seater design
  • Made from sturdy 26-Gauge K80 PVC material
  • Adjustable inflatable seats
  • Weight capacity of 360 lbs
  • Spray covers in the front and rear
  • Three-chamber design for added safety
  • I-Beam flooring

One of the most important things to note about those features is how they work to protect the kayak from sinking. There is always a danger with inflatable kayaks that they might hit something sharp, tear, and sink. This model does a good job of guarding against that with its 26-Gauge K80 PVC material, which boasts strong welded seams that keep the kayak from bursting apart. The material itself is strong and tear-resistant.

Adding to this protection is the I-Beam flooring and three-chamber design, both of which guard against the possibility of a small puncture or tear sinking your kayak. The three chambers are especially helpful for ensuring that one issue doesn’t sink the kayak outright.

What Do Users Say?

In addition to keeping the kayak sturdy and steady, users have also noted how the I-Beam flooring does a good job of preventing the kayak from feeling too flexible. You don’t want the kayak to bend so much it loses all shape as you sit down and bends around you, after all. That added rigidity also helps offset the lack of speed that is typically the case with inflatable kayaks. This is still the case here, but users have noted that this is a faster inflatable kayak than others, and that I-Beam flooring is a big part of it. The same is true for its maneuverability, though neither of these traits can be compared to a traditional rigid-hulled kayak.

Pros and Cons

Some of the best features of this kayak are:

  • Great durability for an inflatable kayak
  • Can be used by one or two paddlers
  • Affordable price
  • I-Beam flooring adds needed structure

Among the cons for this model are:

  • The lack of a skeg
  • Speed and maneuverability not on par with rigid-hulled kayaks
  • Few extra features

There is a lot to be said in favor of this model, starting with the fact that it is both designed for and can be used with one or two kayakers. It’s that second seat that makes a world of difference here, allowing experienced kayakers to go on fishing trips with friends while letting new kayakers learn with a more experienced hand alongside them. The latter case is perhaps more likely, since this is also a kayak that is reasonably low on extra features.

On the one hand, there’s nothing wrong with that – that’s what makes it so affordable, which is a plus, and the unit does what it’s supposed to do while remaining perfectly accessible. On the other hand, in such a crowded market for kayaks, even inflatable ones, it can be difficult to see how this model might distinguish itself except for those looking for an affordable, accessible starter kayak.

Still, just because this kayak isn’t flashy doesn’t mean it isn’t a solid choice. The PVC material is a good touch, and should allay any concerns about the long-term durability of this unit. In addition, the I-Beam flooring provides some much needed structure.

This model has spray covers for the front or rear, though the efficacy of these options is more debatable. On the other hand, the adjustable inflatable seats are of good quality, being easy to move while offering plenty of comfort.

Is Solstice Rogue Inflatable Kayak Worth Your Money?

Our rating: 4.1 Star Rating 4.1 / 5

This is the perfect example of what a no-frills kayak looks like. That should also give a better indication of who this kayak is ultimately for. Knowing one’s audience is important in any medium, and kayaking is no exception. If you look at this kayak expecting the most state of the art unit with all kinds of different features, chances are you’re going to be disappointed.

However, looking at the kayak that way misses its true role and potential as an accessible starter kayak for those interested in kayaking with inflatable models such as these. There are plenty of more advanced options, but they can be hard to learn on, and can likewise be more expensive. You don’t want either of those factors burdening you down when you are just starting out, which is what makes a unit such as this so valuable. It lets you learn the basics on a unit that’s dependable while preparing you for more advanced options.

The Solstice Rogue Inflatable Kayak is also relatively easy to carry from one place to another, making it a good choice for those who prioritize convenience first in their kayaking. That’s saying something given the fact that this model does not have a skeg. Even so, it compensates for this with a design that is lightweight and easy enough to deflate to transport while still being sturdy the rest of the time.

Finally, it is worth noting that this kayak is much more affordable than many other inflatable kayaks.

On the whole, this is a solid kayak that does a good job of performing under pressure. It doesn’t have the bells and whistles of other inflatable kayaks, but it doesn’t need them. It is complete in itself, and for what it offers, it offers it well.

If the Solstice Rogue doesn’t suit your needs, be sure to check our guide on choosing the best inflatable kayak.