Sevylor Big Basin Three-Person Kayak Reviewed

Sevylor Big Basin

Summer is upon us! Are you looking forward to activities that go along with the season? Camping, fishing, hiking? How about kayaking? Take your friends or family on a real adventure with a Sevylor 3-Person Kayak. Made of heavy-duty PVC construction, with a rugged tarpaulin bottom enables it to handle a calm lake to easy whitewater. Multiple air chambers will get you back to shore just in case you hit a snag. The seats are adjustable, making the ride more comfortable no matter how far you decide to explore. The spray covers help to keep you dry during your adventure.

Features of Sevylor Big Basin

The Sevylor Big Basin Three-Person Kayak has the latest technology design, which provides the highest customer satisfaction and quality level. This 3-person kayak makes the water adventure exciting, whether on a calm lake or easy whitewater.

  • Length 12’3″
  • Width 3’1″
  • Certified by NMMA to support 490 lbs.
  • Heavy-duty PVC construction suitable for lake use
  • No punctures due tarpaulin bottom durable protection
  • Many air chambers that allow one chamber to stay inflated if one deflates
  • An Airtight system is guaranteed not to leak
  • Boston valve double threaded for easy inflation and deflation
  • Spray covers to block splashes
  • Three fabric covered adjustable seats with high backrests and inflatable sitting space
  • Unified spray covers at stern and bow
  • Broad shape with effective drainage system
  • Effortless inflation manometer
  • Removal fin and four carrying handles

What Do Owners Say?

Now it’s time to check what owners and verified customers have to say about Sevylor Big Basin.

Easy to Inflate

One reviewer mentioned that Sevylor Big Basin is stable and fun. Pumps up great, the kayak is secure, stable, and their dog loves it. Comfortable fit. Inflated in ten minutes. Put in the skeg before inflating otherwise it won’t go in. After deflating, it takes time to get all the water out, as it gets stuck under the sides. Took some effort to get it back into the bag. Took out the middle seat for comfort. Easy to paddle. Seats do not give enough back support. They recommend to make sure you close the sea-cock under the back of the boat before launching.

No Bladder Replacement?

For another user, unfortunately, a leak developed in the left bladder that could not be repaired. They could not find a replacement in the US, but found one in the UK. It took less than five minutes to remove the bladder. Optimistic, he contacted customer service at Sevylor/Coleman by email. Four days later received a response stating simply, ‘we do not make replacement bladders.’

One couple purchased this kayak at the beginning of summer. Very excited to have one large enough for a family of three. Purchased a Sevylor automatic pump to inflate as recommended. Took out on the lake, went over to an island. After two hours, they were ready to leave and discovered one of the sides had begun to deflate. Luckily, we made it to the shore before all the air had gone out. They could hear the air leaking from the interior of one of the sides near the bow, determining a quality issue. It was purchased at beginning of summer, but couldn’t use for over a month and cannot be returned. Now they are stuck with a defective kayak after a single use.

Here you can check an overview video by glacierbarbell:

Good Stability

Another user purchased the Sevylor Big Basin because of its wider beam because of my mobility issues. Tried on a local lake in very windy conditions, white caps, and 20-30″ waves. Kayak handled well. Very stable. Quality exceeded expectations. Only negative was the instructions. Did not say to put the rudder in before inflation.

Good Pump Comes a Long Way

One owner mentioned that the Big Basin in an open boat that you sit or kneel in, which makes it a canoe in my mind. It is a good size for paddling on calm water, with two people and a little gear. He purchased it mainly for going between my anchored motorboat and shore, camping, beachcombing, picnicking, etc. The inflated kayak is light enough for one person to lift onto the top of my bigger boat’s cabin without a problem. According to him, the kayak is easy to paddle. Two people, day packs, and fishing poles fill the boat. Wouldn’t want to attempt a multi-day adventure for two unless it would be an ultra-light adventure. Side of the boat is fairly low to the water, not a dry ride. Choppy water can easily splash in. I wear waders or rain pants. Big advantage is it can be shipped ahead as luggage to a distant destination or stowed. Recommend a good quality foot pump.

Not-So-Great Customer Service

Another couple have enjoyed this Sevylor Big Basin while it lasted. After the first four camping trips, they got the first leak. Difficult to patch due to location. Contacted Sevylor to inquire about purchasing a new air chamber. They said they could not do that but would give me a 10% discount on a new kayak. Not a reasonable option. It was not easy, but I was able to patch the leak. The opposite air chamber sprung a leak soon after. They are on year four using this kayak and leak number five. All the leaks are in the same area. It’s safe to say that they are quite disappointed.

Similar customer mentioned that the right-side section began to leak air from day one. There was no visible damage and no accidents—very careful use. Slow leak at first, and after three hours on the water, He noticed the pressure on the right air section was significantly lower. He ignored it. After owning for two months, and four times on the water, the area started to leak air more significantly with a loud air leak sound and faster than previously. Unsafe to use after two minutes on the water. The customer would return the kayak if he could.

Great Portability and Storage

One city customer mentioned that he has limited room for a hard-shell kayak. Transporting it would have been a problem as he drives drive a mid-size car. Bought the Sevylor three-person kayak so he and his family could leave the city and go camping down the river in the mountains. They were fully loaded and bottomed over rocks and had no problems. Their combined total weight was around 400 lbs. The only improvement he would suggest for this kayak would be more tie-downs back and front. For the cost, it is easy to transport, easy to store, lightweight, and durable. An excellent buy.

Pros and Cons

  • Spacious and long
  • High weight rating
  • Rugged construction with spray cover
  • Easy to transport
  • Easy to store
  • Rugged and well-made
  • Holds an 80 lb. dog with two people
  • Holds three people
  • Needs many accessories
  • Get a hand pump – use in addition to the electric pump
  • Purchase longer paddles
  • Seats are not supportive
  • Needs a larger storage bag
  • Difficult to patch


Our rating: 4.1 Star Rating 4.1 / 5

To feel the thrill of cutting through whitewater or gently paddling around the shore, the Sevylor Big Basin 3-Person Kayak is the best way to do it. Sevylor has a reputation for providing the highest level of customer satisfaction, technology, and quality. If you are kayaking on a calm lake or in easy whitewater, this three-person kayak can make a water adventure into great excitement.

With summer on the horizon, now is the time to consider your Sevylor Big Basin 3-Person Kayak for an exciting summer on the water. Happy kayaking!