Sea Eagle SE370 Pro Review

It might just be that weekend when you feel like being all adventurous and feel like trying out new things, but confusion clouds your mind on what to do. Trust me, everyone has gone through this. If kayaking is the sport you have on mind, then the next thing would be to decide, as to which kayak to choose from.

Sea Eagle SE370 Pro

Also, if you are a beginner, who has just started or is about to try a hand at kayaking, Sea Eagle SE370 inflatable kayak is a nice option to begin with. If you want more help to choose, look at the inflatable kayaks top page.

Sea Eagle SE370 Inflatable Kayak

Sea Eagle SE370 is light, portable and has plenty of legroom. It can be comfortably used and houses two fully grown individuals.

If you are looking for something easy to carry around, that can be easily packed into your bag and thrown in your trunk, then I think this would be the right product. You can even pack it in your shoulder bag and use it as a carry on while flying, in cases of extended vacations. Its portability is its most alluring factor. You don’t need to face any hassle with the old way of kayaking with the rigid, bulky kayaks.

It will take only up to ten minutes to inflate the kayak and in case you have a pump, then it only makes the work much easier and faster.

Another interesting feature it comes with is that its seats can be moved around. If you are kayaking solo, then you can remove that extra seat and place the required seat in the centre.

The Sea Eagle Kayak is NMMA certified (National Marine Manufacturers Association) to comply with the standards set by American boats and Yacht Council (ABYC). For the layman’s out there, this means the boat has been tried and tested in controlled environments. This would allow you to go kayaking with the peace of mind that your kayak has been tested to rigorous standards of quality and safety.

Is It Newbie Friendly?

The first one is the Sea Eagle Deluxe 370 suitable for beginners. Two inflatable seats, two paddles, a foot pump, a repair kit and a carry bag are the items included in this kit.

The most popular one is the Sea Eagle Pro Kayak which can be used either for solo kayaking or for two. Two paddles, two inflatable seats (provide nice back support, convenient stow pouches and movable seats) are components of this kit.

For the amateur and professional fishermen Sea Eagle 370 Sport Fishing Package is well suited. A single paddle, a Deluxe Inflatable chair and a Multipurpose Storage box which comes complete with two rod holders are all included in the kit. Foot pump, carry bag and repair kit are also included in the kit.

QuikSail package is for those of you, who are looking for something different. All you need to do is rig the collapsing sail and enjoy the beauty of the nature as it goes by. This easy installed QuickSail is for those who do not perceive kayaking as all hard work.

Sea Eagle SE370 Pro Review

Features of the SE370

  • It weighs a mere 32 pounds, which makes it very easy to carry anywhere and everywhere.
  • It can take a weight load of total 680 pounds that is two full grown adults and a child or a large bag without any problems.
  • The material of the hull is tough and extra thick 38 mil PolyKrylar, which is a type of PVC that is extra strong and durable.
  • It has inflatable spray skirts which help you from getting wet and provide you protection.
  • The heavy duty hull of the kayak is puncture resistant.
  • It has a drain valve to remove the water from the kayak easily.
  • They have NMMA certification.
  • SE370’s capacity mentioned is 3 persons or 650 pounds, but in real only two full grown adults can fit.
  • The Sea Eagle 370 comes with dual skegs which helps you with boat tracking and keeping with speed.
  • The pressure gauge is another great feature of the inflatable kayak that is not very commonly found in the market. The amount of air that needs to be pumped into the kayak is specified by the pressure gauge.
  • This kayak, when you start using it will feel more like a canoe than a kayak due to centre of gravity. People who are familiar with hard shell kayaks and canoes will understand the difference. But don’t let that worry you, it’s still as much fun as it is with the other ones.

Pros and Cons

Armed with the information from above, let’s check pros and cons.

  • The Sea Eagle SE370 is a fantastic piece. The kind of manoeuvrability and durability it offers at different levels can’t be found in other inflatable kayaks in the market.
  • The kayak is equally suited for use by both the feeble and apathetic as well as the elderly, as the paddling is much less intensive.
  • It is able to course in straight lines with great use because of the two skegs that it is equipped with on the underside.
  • The seats can be removed, so in case of solo kayaking, you can kayak smoothly and comfortably.
  • Due to its low weight, it’s easier for a single person to kayak too.
  • The “I” beam construction of the kayak adds to the lateral stability and increases the comfort of the outing.
  • There are no footrests or thigh braces, which makes it cumbersome and difficult in generating power in your paddle strokes that would result in reduced speeds.
  • Their paddles are of not sound quality, though they do their work just fine but the quality seems cheap and they rattle every time it’s used it.
  • The white hull gets stained when the seat webbing starts draining.
  • Lack of a pressure gauge in the kayak for the floor air chamber.

Sea Eagle SE370 – Should You Go For It?

Our rating: 4.6 Star Rating 4.6 / 5

This versatile product can be bought if you are looking for a fun time kayaking. Not too complex and also affordable by most. The Sea Eagle 370 will help you to glide through any waters with grace and ease.