Sea Eagle FishSUP 126 Review | Is It Worth It?

Are you out hunting for the best Sup suitable for your next fishing adventure? If you enjoy fishing and want to have alone time on the waters without worrying about your safety, Sea Eagle Fishsup 126 is your best option. It is a great inflatable fishing boat available in the market. It is incredibly stable and fitted with standing paddleboards and a comfortable seat.

Sea Eagle FishSUP 126

Apart from inflatability, another notable thing is that it is highly portable, pocket friendly and easy to assemble.

Suppose you are still not convinced that Eagle Fishsup 126 is an excellent choice for your fishing adventures. This review will provide detail features, user experience, pros and cons of this particular SUP to help you understand how great it is.

What Are The Distinctive Features Of Eagle FishSUP 126?

Here is a list of features the FishSUP 126 offers:

  • Measurement: It is 12.6 inches long, 40 inches wide and 6 inches thick.
  • Weighs 44Ibs and 48.5 Ibs with a motor with a load capacity of about 227kgs or two adults.
  • Inflation pressure of between 12 and 15 PSI.
  • Material: it is made of durable material about 1100 decitex reinforce drop stitch with quadruple overlap seam. For maximum durability, the seams are quadruple overlap which ensures steady reinforcement.
  • The outer ring is made of PVC skin which, when inflated to a maximum of 15psi, it becomes rigid and indestructible. Thus, ensuring the user’s safety as one is not worried about being torn while on the deep waters.
  • The top deck is made of water camouflage-pattern EVA foam deck pad. The pad ensures secure footing while on waters and provides additional protection against abrasions or punctures that are likely to be caused by fish hooks.
  • The pad is fitted with an in-built fish ruler giving you the pressure of measuring the size of every fish you catch. It is also an extraordinary feature that makes the boat stand out from others.
  • Fitted with a carrying handle in the middle, making it easy to carry an oversized board when fully inflated. Also, if you hold with this middle handle, it is possible to carry it around.
  • Single grab handle at the board’s nose and two at the back. These features are necessary to assist in pulling large boards off the waters.
  • Fourteen stainless steel D-rings: The EVA foam traction pad is fitted with a total of eight stainless D-rings necessary for attaching your seat or a cooler tackle box among other essential gears. At its nose, there are additional four d-rings that offer extra space for storing the FS126 multi-purpose box, and at the tail, there are two more additional D-rings.
  • At the back of FS126, there is a vast, swallowtail profile providing extra stability and support for attaching a spare motor.
  • Paddle pocket: It allows you to keep your paddle safely while not in use. The fact that it is fitted in front ensures enough room for operation as it is out of the way.
  • Removable motor mount: This makes it easy for you to remove and fix it back quickly. With the motor mount set, it is possible to use up to 55 lb thrust electric motor.
  • Swallowtail: It is an excellent feature that helps in providing additional stability and maneuverability. It is a well-thought feature, and users like its feel with a remembrance of a fishtail.
  • Fitted with slide-in removable skegs at the rear: The three skegs can easily be slide into their fin boxes while operating on shallow waters and paddling is not an issue. However, if on deep waters it is recommended to use the fins to ensure the boat goes straight and paddles easily.
  • The four D-rings at the front of the boat are fitted with bungee cords necessary for gear storage. They are of the right size that allows you to comfortably fit in the mesh storage box that comes with the board, life jacket, among other gears of the same sizes.
  • Fitted with an upturned bow at the bottom. This is essential for ploughing through chop and waves when necessary making this boat quite versatile; you are not worried about paddling through flat waters, taking on wind or through ocean waves.
  • Large storage space: At the front, the multi-purpose storage box can fit into the tangled bungee cords where you can store small items. At the back behind the seat, there is enough space where a cooler can fit. The gears can be fitted in any of the D-ring on the side of the board.
  • Large floating surface area ensuring buoyancy, rigidity, portability and convenience.
  • Fitted with a green swivel seat fish ring.

Additional Features

  • Four sets of kayak paddles
  • Foot pump used to inflate the Deluxe inflatable seat
  • Trolling motor power center
  • Watersnake Venom 34 electric motor
  • A single-stage electric pump of 12 BP
  • Repair kit
  • Removable transom
  • Excellent for fishing operations while standing of seated

What Do Users Say About Sea Eagle FishSUP 126?

One thing users are happy about this boat is the ease of assembling. It takes less than fifteen minutes to pump up the air. Besides, it is very sturdy and extremely well balanced. Further, compared to other boats, this one is easy to operate. One of the users affirms that they did not install the seat on their first time to use this vessel; instead, they operated on paddle boarding. They found it easy to paddle even though they have never done it before.

Portability is another advantage of this inflatable vessel that makes it great. After use, it would take about the same time to deflate it and pack it on a bag pack ready to leave. It weighs about 45 pounds, making it easy for the users to carry it around easily. Other essentials such as the nonslip surface and a ruler, fishing seat, fishing rods and the wood board go into the trolling motor.

Spaciousness is another thing users are excited about. The fact that it can accommodate fishers and remain extra space is exiting. They can fish while standing or seated; indeed, the choice is theirs to make based on their comfort.


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While some are excited about the inflation time being not more than 15 minutes, others feel it’s a long time. While there is the option of using the electric pump capable of performing the task in a matter of six minutes, it is noisy. If you are going for early fishing, it can be disturbing to the neighbors and the rest of the family that are still sleeping.

The toughness of the material from which the FishSUP 126 is made off is another exciting thing that users love about this vessel. On one occasion a user observed that the boat had been pierced removing a small slice on the rubber’s surface, but no leakage occurred. Thus, the quality of the boat is one of the things that users are happy about.

While the setting up process is said to be simple and fast, some users found that fixing the seat to a little bit time-consuming. Despite being time-consuming, they cannot deny the fact that the seats are comfortable and swivel.

Also, while the bag pack is easily portable, other states that one must be a weight lifter to get it out of the ground as it weighs about 45 pounds. This is not a small weight for someone who is not used to lifting heavy loads. As such, it is easy for two people to carry it or use a cart.

Others observe that designers should consider re-configuring a fail-safe gear inside the primary chamber to add more stability to the vessel.

Pros and Cons

  • Versatile and portable: It is versatile in that it can be configured with numerous options like a seat and an electronic motor. Given that it can be deflated and packed in a bag pack makes it easy to be carried by one person, on a motor or by two people. Besides, it is fitted with carrying handles two at the rear, one at the middle and one in front. These enable one to carry it alone or with the second person.
  • Durability: it is made of durable material. 1100 decitex reinforce drop stitch with quadruple overlap seam. The seams are quadruple overlap which ensures steady reinforcement for maximum durability. The outer ring is made of PVC skin which, when inflated to a maximum of 15psi, it becomes rigid and indestructible. This makes it hard to be torn as affirmed by one of the users.
  • Suitable for use in shallow and deep water: At the rear bottom it has tracks with fins attached. While operating on deep waters, you are likely to encounter waves, and as such, it is essential to pop out the fins that will reinforce your stability and remain on course. While on shallow waters it is easy to maintain balance, and therefore the use of fins is unnecessary.
  • Stability: With this vessel, you are not worried about losing balance and capsizing.  At the rear of FS126, there is a vast, swallowtail profile that offers extra stability and support for attaching a spare motor.
  • Comfort-ability: The users have ascertained that the seats are very comfortable, allowing one to fish for long hours without getting tired quickly. The vessel’s spaciousness adds to its comfort as two people can fit in and remain large free spaces. Thus, fishing becomes easy and enjoyable.
  • Prove the users with the option or standing or seating: With this vessel, you can seat and do your fishing, and when tired of seating you can stand and enjoy your activities on the waters without any worries. In this way, fishing becomes enjoyable and a fun thing to do in your free time.
  • Fitted with excellent accessories: The top deck pad is made of camouflage-pattern ensuring secure floating and provides additional protection against abrasions or punctures that are likely to be caused by fish hooks. The pad has an in-built 36″ ruler eliminating the need to carry another one for measuring the fish size. The paddle pocket allows you to store your paddles while not in use.
  • Has a three-year warranty: Three years is an extensive amount of time that users have to receive their boat services.
  • One hundred eighty days money guarantee refund: After purchase, the users have about three months to use and test their boat, and if it has manufacturers fault, they can return for refund or exchange.
  • Easy to assemble: It takes only 15 minutes to inflate the boat and fix the necessary gears. However, if you are going to use seats, it may take additional time to fully fix the boat.
  • Heavy for a single person to carry: Despite being portable, its weight of 45 pounds can be a little bit heavy for a single person who is not a weight lifter.
  • Assembling everything can be time-consuming: While inflating the boat takes a maximum of 15 minutes, fixing other gears such as seats can take more time. Besides, the attempt to minimize inflating time by use of an electronic pump can be noisy. Users reveal that an electronic pump makes a lot of noise and therefore unsuitable to use during morning hours as it can be disturbing to neighbors and others who are still sleeping.
  • Quite Expensive: This is not the cheapest SUP on the market.

Is the Sea Eagle FishSUP 126 Worth It?

Our rating: 4.4 Star Rating 4.4 / 5

If you are searching for the suitable Sup specifically for fishing, Sea Eagle Fishsup 126 might be what you are looking for. It comes with all necessary gears necessary for your fishing adventure ranging from paddle pocket, and fishing ruler. It made from durable materials reinforced with rear skegs for better tracking.

The extensive unique features and numerous adventures set this tool as the best suitable for fishing purposes. However, it is not without cons. Some of those shortcomings are that it is not easy to carry the vessel alone, and it may be time-consuming if you consider fixing all features before use.

However, if these shortcomings do not hold you back, FS126 might still be your best option for an enjoyable fishing adventure.