Pelican Argo 100x Kayak Reviewed

Pelican Argo 100x Kayak

Getting into kayaking can be more difficult than you might first imagine. From the outside, kayaking can appear to be a simple leisurely trip out on the water; indeed, it can be that if you wish. Once in the cockpit, however, you start to appreciate how challenging kayaking can be. Everything from the size and weight of the kayak to its overall design to the question of speed vs. stability can influence how easy a kayak is to handle.

Whether you’re simply looking for a calm time on the water or are ready to brave a racing winding riverbank, your choice of kayak can make your outing far easier and more enjoyable.

Note: As the Pelican Argo 100x kayak is currently unavailable in most online shops, we suggest trying out similar rigid kayak, the Pelican Sit-on-top 10-feet kayak.

The Pelican Argo 100x is one of the leading options for kayaking beginners as well as those looking for a sturdy long-term kayak, but how well does it live up to its sturdy reputation?

Features of Pelican Argo 100x

A medium-sized kayak, measuring 10 feet long and is 28 inches wide, considered a great model for beginners. At 36 pounds, it is neither very light nor heavy, and the same can be said of its 275-pound carrying capacity. If all of that makes you think that this is a model that revels in the median, that’s because it is.

The Pelican Argo 100x is a good beginner model in that it avoids the extremes that can make rowing other kayaks harder for beginners. Bigger kayaks that extend to 12 feet or longer or models which are heavier and built for team use can be too unwieldy for beginners to row, while models that are smaller can sometimes be vulnerable to capsizing.

With its all-around design, this model cuts out many of those difficulties, making it easier to focus on learning to row. Some of the most noteworthy features of this model include:

  • Carrying handles
  • Molded footrests
  • Storage hatch and platform with bungee cords
  • Multiple compartments
  • Ergoform backrest and seat cushion
  • Twin-arched multi-chine hull

This last feature deserves extra attention. It’s responsible for the greater stability that this model enjoys, with that twin-arched design reinforcing the hull and making it that much more versatile and durable. It also means that the kayak tracks better in the water than many similarly beginner-friendly kayaks. This means that it can move straighter and even potentially pick up more speed than these other beginner models, which, in turn, gives it a better chance of having it enjoy a usefulness phase beyond your first turns in the water.

What Do Users Say

As with every kayak, Pelican Argo 100x comes with some advantages, but also several disadvantages as well.

Durability and Weight

One thing that users are quick to note about this kayak is that it’s unusually lightweight for a 12-foot kayak. This is due in part to Pelican’s innovative Twin Sheet Thermoforming, which makes the boat lighter and more flexible than other kayaks of that size. While there are some concerns about how sturdy that construction may be over time, for now the general consensus has been positive and Pelican seems to have found a good balance between durability and lightweight design. The result is a kayak which is comparatively portable, something that users naturally enjoy.

Comfort and Maneuverability

Users have likewise responded positively to the footrests and legroom. They have also appreciated the fact that this model tracks better than a lot of beginner kayaks. While this kayak has a more flat-bottomed design, which often leads to wobbling when paddling, this model has exceeded expectations when it comes to tracking, which is one reason why it has earned praise from those outside the beginner kayaking ring.

That doesn’t mean that this model tracks as well as those with less flat, more curved and streamlined bottoms. This has disappointed some users looking for a more robust tracking experience. These users have also expressed some frustration with the model’s lack of maneuverability in that regard. That said, this is more a matter of expectations not being met than the kayak itself being faulty. As long as you know what kind of tracking and turning abilities this model does and does not offer, chances are good you’ll appreciate it for what it is.

Space and Storage

In addition, users have responded positively to this model’s spaciousness. The cockpit measures a spacious 50 x 24.5 inches, which is large for a beginner-friendly model especially and is yet another reason why non-beginners have likewise been interested in this kayak. This, combined with the bottle holder, adjustable footrests, and other features, have led users to praise its overall comfort.

One final point on which users are pretty positive about is the great amount of storage space this kayak provides. There is more than enough space here to hold all manner of fishing equipment, for example, and the bungee cords do a good job of securing everything in place.

Pros and Cons

Armed with the information from above, it’s time to summarize it into pros and cons.

  • Plenty of storage space
  • Carrying handles
  • Ergoform cushions that are very comfortable
  • Sturdy twin-arched hull
  • Solid all-around design
  • Weaker tracking ability than higher-end models
  • More basic than other models

Conclusion – Is Pelican Argo 100x Worth It?

Our rating: 4.6 Star Rating 4.6 / 5

You may grow out of other beginner models once you gain a better mastery of kayaking, but the Pelican Argo 100 offers a lot of features that can keep you coming back for more. Because this unit is so spacious, you can rest at ease while paddling along without feeling too cramped. Add to that ample storage space and once you gain enough expertise, you can start fishing or going out on more adventurous expeditions.

This model’s twin-arch design not only makes it durable but gives it some great long-term value. As a beginner, this kayak is accessible enough to learn, and once you have done so, you’ll be able to take advantage of its more advanced features.

This kayak won’t please those looking for a boat that tracks with the best of them but for a flat-bottomed boat, it tracks surprisingly well. As long as you do your research and understand what it offers, this kayak from Pelican has a great chance of helping usher you into the world of kayaking as a beginner or offering experienced users a great rowing and fishing experience.