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Although paddleboarding isn’t really my thing, I know a lot of you fellows are in to it or are interested in it. I’ve done a fair bit of browsing around and reading about it, and I’ve got to say I am intrigued. One of the coolest, and weirdest, things I’ve seen by a long way is the hydrofoil. I mean, come on – what the heck is that!?

I don’t know if any of you have read the Discworld novels, so this might be a bit of a weird reference, but it really reminds me of the lens the Krullian hydrophobes pilot over the sea to transport Twoflower and Rincewind after they’re caught by Tethys….

Okay, yeah, a bit obscure.

I’ll just get on with the roundup, shall I?



This appears to be Reddit’s biggest Standup paddleboard community, with some 3k subscribers. I really like browsing Reddit, as we probably all do, and one of the strengths of this community is the media which is shared on there. There are some simply amazing and awe-inspiring photos, take a look at this one for instance – Chicago at night.

Cool, huh?

Distressed Mullet


If you’re into paddleboarding, you probably know of Distressed Mullet. I can’t decide if it’s a fish or a hairdo, I’m going to go for fish with a hairdo to hedge my bets. Well, you never know.

This website has plenty, from tutorial videos covering paddleboarding to yoga; reviews of the latest and best gear; classified ads and an event calendar with a list of competitions, meet -ups and challenges.

Their website is frequently updated, so if there’s any news, you’ll almost certainly find it here.


Another fully-comprehensive website, with sub-categories on yoga and fishing and even articles on nutrition and training for paddleboarding. I never knew people took it so seriously!

A great thing about this website is its events list and international focus – I guess the “connect” part of its name is apt. Check out the events page for a list of paddleboard-related events from around the world.

At this time of year, informative articles like this one are a great addition to the website.

Stand On Liquid


Stand On Liquid is an e-commerce website dedicated to selling paddleboards and related gear. They also have a blog with a bit of information on SUPs and so on. Their store has a wide range of boards and paddles, however, and it’s worth a look – or a real-life visit if you’re nearby in Oregon.

SUP Gower


SUP Gower is a SUP club based in Wales, UK – just outside of Swansea. Their blog is pretty extensive, with lots of gear and board reviews. They are linked to The SUP Hut in the UK, which is a great resource for your Brits.

SUP Gower also do lessons and hold events, details of which can all be found on their website.

Here’s that hydrofoil, by the way.

Happy paddling!