Lifetime Youth Wave Kayak Reviewed

Lifetime Youth Wave Kayak

It’s important to introduce your children to the outdoors and physical activity at an early age. It’s imperative to set the stages early, this way you raise a healthy child who will hopefully maintain an active lifestyle even into adulthood. With most things that you try to get kids to do, they need a fun spin in order to motivate them. Let’s say you want to get your child into kayaking so you can take them with you, you want to show that it’s fun. And you want to teach them young. That is where the Lifetime Youth Wave Kayak comes in. Specifically made for children, it’s the perfect kayak to get your child so they can learn the love of being on the water.

The Lifetime Youth Wave Kayak comes in a bright green, which is fun and gender-neutral. This kayak is great for children five years of age and up. It can handle up to one hundred and thirty pounds and can be the perfect vessel for your kiddo to learn how to kayak. When you purchase this kayak, which is affordable; you are giving your child the chance to learn a sport early on that could become a lifelong passion later on.

What Lifetime Youth Wave Kayak Represents?

As mentioned before, the Lifetime Youth Wave Kayak is a kayak suitable for children. It is only eighteen pounds, which makes it easy to transport when you are taking your child to the lake. In order to make it even easier to carry around, it has molded finger handles. Because this kayak has a sloped end with a swim-up step, it is easy to re-enter. It’s also constructed by a high density polyethylene, which means it is incredibly durable. Have the Lifetime Youth Wave Kayak for your kid’s entire childhood with this option. Never worry about this kayak breaking on you after you’ve purchased it.

There’s also multiple footrest positions for children of any age, as well as a five year warranty. Let’s say something does end up breaking down on this kayak, you at least have a warranty that guarantees protection.

Side note: this also comes in other colors, so whatever your child likes, you can get them a color that they will love.

Pros and Cons

This kayak looks straight forward and at the price it is, it’s a great option for the parents who want their child to get into kayaking, but doesn’t want to spend a lot of money doing so. Not only will you be teaching your children a physical activity that gets them outdoors, but it’s also a sport that you can do with your child. Make sure you have the whole family get together on a weekend when you teach your child how to kayak.

Now, in this section, we will explore the positive reviews that purchasers have dropped online after using the Lifetime Youth Wave Kayak. These reviews are not my own, rather others verified purchasers who have had positive experiences using this child-friendly kayak. Keep reading to know why people are happy with this purchase.

  • One reviewer has a six year old that she bought this product specifically for. It’s a very cute review where the mother describes her child being so happy to have it that he slept in it the first night. Which, you aren’t really supposed to do, but it is a cute story. After being on the water twice and standing up and tipping over, the son was able to steer properly. In fact, the son learned quite quickly how to operate this kayak, which is the whole point of it. For the mother, this was a purchase that was well worth it.
  • Another mother, who has a child the same age; said that her child got used to this kayak very quickly. At forty-four pounds, he was able to operate it perfectly. Granted it was a little too heavy for them to carry, but it is easy for any adult to transport around when taking their child to the water. Keep in mind that a parent should always supervise their child when they are using this kayak.
  • The paddle is the perfect weight for a small child, as someone who has a five-year-old stated that it is perfect for their kid.

The Lifetime Youth Wave Kayak is a pretty standard tool, but there will always be some things that some users view as a negative. In this section, we will explore what it is about this kayak that made some users regret their purchase.

  • One user did express that while they thought it was a good kayak, they did wish it came with handles. They had to purchase these separately.
  • According to another user, the kayak fluctuates in price, so you have to keep an eye on it to make sure you are getting the cheapest price possible.
  • Another user disliked the packaging for this kayak, saying that it was only a simple plastic bag that it was shipped in. They found that this wasn’t necessarily a proper way to pack something up – which, is true. It could have gotten damaged, which is luckily wasn’t.

Conclusion: Is The Lifetime Youth Wave Kayak a Good Purchase?

Our rating: 4.7 Star Rating 4.7 / 5

Should you buy this child-friendly kayak? According to most of the reviews, yes, you should! Even those who had something slightly negative about the purchase still enjoyed it. It was easy for children to get used to and they had a lot of fun on it. Isn’t that what matters? That the children enjoy what they do? If you are wanting your child to have fun while learning how to operate a kayak then you have the right purchase here. Your kid will enjoy using this in a lake or a pool in your home. This depends on how old they are. Make sure you always keep an eye on your kid when they’re in this kayak, but besides that – your child is going to absolutely love it!

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