Lifetime Triton Kayak Reviewed

One of the trickiest things to determine when shopping for a kayak is how comfortable it will be and, indeed, if it will be comfortable for you. Just as one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, so too is one person’s comfy experience another’s potential uncomfortable nightmare. We all know people who feel hotter in summer or colder in winter than we do, because we all experience the world differently and thus have different ideas about what “comfort” means — and, more importantly for our purposes, what it means to us.

Lifetime Triton Kayak

With comfort so subjective, it can be hard to find an objective answer to the question of comfortable kayaks on the market. That is especially true given the degree of variance there is in kayak sizes, and how that can impact what is considered “comfortable” by a rider. What counts as “comfy” for a smaller kayak may feel incredibly cramped in a larger one. At the same time, a kayak that feels spacious to a beginner may feel cramped to a more experienced kayaker. On the flip side, an experienced kayaker may feel that a larger kayak has just enough challenge to be fun, while a new kayaker may find this overwhelming.

All of this makes the degree of comfort offered by the Lifetime Triton Kayak all the more impressive. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this model so comfort-savvy and whether it’s a model that you think will be comfortable for you.

Features of Lifetime Triton Kayak

Choice features for this kayak include:

  • Spacious interior
  • 10-foot-long durable frame
  • Seat release functionality
  • Cushioned seats
  • Good storage space

Comfort and Space

The biggest calling card of the Lifetime Triton Angler Kayak is, by far, the comfort it offers its users. The fact that so many users have found this model comfortable points to the various types of comfort this kayak offers. We all have different ideas of comfort, and the Lifetime Triton Angler Kayak appeals to different comfort preferences for different people.

For example, this model offers an excellent seat release function that lets you scoot it up or backward so you can have more room in the cockpit or provide you with a snugger fit. This is a feature that most modern kayaks have, but the Lifetime Triton Angler Kayak has functionality in this regard that is especially noteworthy. It’s simply way easier to use the seat release than with other kayaks. The movement of the seat is nice and smooth, and it locks firmly into place.

In addition to that, this model offers a ton of space within the cockpit, allowing you to spread out. If you have ever had the misfortune of having your legs crammed up against you in cramped quarters in a bus, plane, or a kayak, you’ll know how crucial this is to your sense of comfort. Finally, the cushioning for the bottom and back of the seats on this model is soft, firm, and very supportive.


However comfortable it may be, a kayak isn’t worth much if it doesn’t paddle and handle well on the water. Thankfully, the Lifetime Triton Angler Kayak passes that test as well. Some of those touches are small, like a water bottle holder. Others are more dramatic, such as the bottom of this kayak’s design, which allows for improved stability and tracking. All of that spaciousness equates to excellent storage capacity, with bungee cord lacing to help you keep loose items tethered in place.

Dimensions and Practical Use

This model is 10 feet long, 30.5 inches wide, and weighs 49 pounds. That isn’t light, but it is nowhere near as heavy as the truly heavyweight kayaks. The inclusion of easy-to-grip handles thus make this model relatively easy to transport, given its size.

As with many modern kayaks, it has drainage holes that can help prevent water from filling the kayak.

What Do Users Say?

The user experience with the Lifetime Triton Angler has been overall pretty positive. One of the biggest elements of praise it has received is for it being good for beginners as well as more experienced kayakers. It’s small and controllable enough for it to be easy enough to learn on for beginners, while its 10-foot frame is still large enough to accommodate more experienced kayakers as well.

Users have also responded positively to the amount of space the kayak offers and how it allows users to use it from a seated, kneeling, standing, and even flat position. This is yet one more factor that adds up to the overall user response praising the Lifetime Triton Angler for its comfortable interior. That extends to the storage space, with some users being pleasantly surprised by just how much this kayak offers.

In addition, the price has typically been right for buyers of this kayak. It isn’t the cheapest model out there by far, but is still pretty reasonably priced for everything it offers.

Pros and Cons

Some of the biggest pros of this model include:

  • Comfy seat cushions
  • Well-designed footrests
  • Great seat adjustability
  • High-quality molded-in footwells
  • Ability to tracks well
  • Lots of room
  • Durable high-density polyethylene hull

Some potential downsides to keep in mind are:

  • Can be dented in rare cases
  • Not as light as other models

As mentioned above, the biggest virtue that the Lifetime Triton Angler offers for kayakers is that it’s comfortable. As demonstrated with that list, however, another big point in this model’s favor is the fact that it moves along pretty smoothly when out at sea. It may not be able to keep up with the fastest kayaks out there; however, for its size, it does a great job of cutting across the water and remaining stable, offering good handling and control.

Plenty of Room

In addition, there is plenty of room in the kayak to bring along fishing equipment. This is a feature that not every kayak has, as there are many that are far too small to offer space to store tackle, rods, and all the other accoutrements that are necessary for fishing.


The model boasts a durable polyethylene hull, and normally that’s the case. However, some users have reported it denting, with the bottom apparently being particularly vulnerable. On the one hand, “the bottom can be dented” is never something that you want to hear when it comes to a kayak. On the other hand, these reports have been rare and the model is quite durable overall.

As mentioned, at nearly 50 pounds, this model is hardly lightweight and can be more difficult to haul out to the water than lighter models. Still, the Lifetime Triton Kayak is far from the heaviest model out there.

In Conclusion

Our rating: 4.5 Star Rating 4.5 / 5

There is a lot to like about the Lifetime Triton Kayak, starting with its calling card — its incredible comfort. As demonstrated, there isn’t just one but several ways in which this model offers a comfortable experience, ensuring that it meets whatever your personal definition of comfort may be. It is just the right size for beginner and intermediate kayakers alike, and it tracks pretty well out on the water.

For the price, it offers just the right mixture of features and provides consistent performance. Whether you’re just starting out in kayaking or are simply looking for a more comfortable time paddling out there, this kayak offers a soothing, relaxing, water-going experience.