Highpi Paddle Board Reviewed | Is It Worth It?

Highpi Paddle Board

The Highpi inflatable paddle boards incorporate ergonomic designs that offer the all-around SUP category. You can turn to this board as an experienced paddler or a beginner looking to explore the paddling world. Below are various factors that can help you learn more about this stylish and premium board, such as features, users’ experience, FAQs, and the advantages and disadvantages.

Features of the Highpi Paddle Board

  • 11-ft long
  • 33-inch wide
  • 6-inch thickness
  • 350 lbs weight capacity
  • 20 lbs weight
  • Adjustable floating paddle
  • Double action hand pump
  • Ankle safety leash
  • Repair kit and backpack
  • Anti-slip EVA deck pad
  • Military-grade PVC
  • Waterproof dry bag for essentials

Users’ Experience

Here are some other paddlers’ experiences to help you better understand the Highpi paddle board. Their feedback aids you in better managing your expectations while knowing how to handle the product after purchase.

Design and Durability

The Highpi paddling board features sturdy construction using military-grade PVC, ensuring you can rely on it for long periods without damage. You can find this board in unique colors that enable you to add a fun look during your paddling sessions. It also integrates 4 D-rings along the sides that you can use to attach a seat to your board. However, some products can arrive with excess glue on the rings, needing you to clean them using q-tips.

Aside from this, the manufacturer provides a 1-year warranty that adds to your peace of mind. You can contact customer service if you find any issues with your delivery or its performance. The warranty enhances your confidence since you can avoid panics about fraud or random malfunctions after purchase. Besides, the board includes cross-stitching that enhances longevity by preventing the seams from tearing and leaking air.

Inflation Time

The package also includes a double-action pump that lets you manually inflate the board on the downstroke and upstroke. It takes approximately 15 minutes to pump the Highpi paddle board and reach the recommended 12 to 15 psi. The paddle board’s high-pressure air valve facilitates quick connection for efficient inflation. Additionally, you can utilize it to deflate the board within five minutes, saving time after an exhausting day out on the water.

The pump integrates an ergonomic gauge that shows the pressure once you hit 7 to 8 psi, making it convenient to monitor the maximum pressure. Nevertheless, you can find some hand pumps featuring a problematic gauge that does not reflect the pressure increase, even after reaching the suggested 7 to 8 psi. You can call customer service for a replacement or a way to correct the malfunctioning system.

Performance and Stability

The Highpi SUP incorporates an EVA layer with anti-slip quality, allowing you to maintain excellent balance when standing barefoot. It also has three balance fins to deliver a better track, making it a perfect choice for paddling beginners. Apart from this, you can remove the largest fin of the three to enhance stability and control according to your needs and skills.

It also incorporates a central handle that delivers excellent grip, ensuring you can lift the board comfortably, even when leaving the water. The central handle placement and paddle board’s size need you to find your center of gravity when transporting it inflated. You can easily fall if you fail to determine your center of gravity in line with your body dimensions.


This paddle board provides various accessories to make the utility more comfortable. The package also helps you save extra expenses you would otherwise spend purchasing them separately. It has a repair kit that includes several patches, enabling you to fix light damages when paddling. You want to check the kit immediately after purchase because some packages do not include glue for the patches.

The board also offers a detailed manual to ensure you can set it up correctly for optimal SUP performance. You can get an adjustable paddle made using durable alloy and floating materials. Hence, you can conveniently make your way through the water without worrying about the paddle accidentally sinking in the lake, ocean, or river.


You can quickly store the Highpi paddle board in the provided backpack for clutter-free placement and efficient carriage. Deflating it allows you to roll the material into a compact size, making storage convenient in a limited room or vehicle. The board also comes with a sizeable waterproof dry bag, where you can put essentials such as keys, a phone, or a camera.

Moreover, you can securely keep items such as food on the board using the integrated bungee tie-downs. You can also place the adjustable paddle in the bungee straps for extra help when carrying the paddle board to the water. Additionally, there’s a place even for your dog, if you decide he is up to the task.

Pros and Cons

Looking at the different features of the Highpi SUP, you could learn the various advantages and disadvantages to expect. A summary of its pros and cons include:

  • Foldable for easy storage and transportation
  • Durable and UV-resistant materials
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Collapsible and floating paddle
  • User-friendly and detailed SUP manual
  • Removable fin for better stability
  • Quickly inflates and deflates
  • The gauge may not always work on the pump
  • It can have visible glue marks around the D-rings

Our rating: 4.8 Star Rating 4.8 / 5

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you use this paddle board with a pet?

A: Yes, you can. The weight capacity means you can fit your little friend on the deck without concerns about sinking. Additionally, the premium and sturdy material used to design the Highpi SUP means you can carry your pet without panicking about the paws puncturing the structure. You also can keep away doubts about health risks for you or your furry companion since the construction features chemical-free materials.

Q: Can you store the product without deflating it?

A: It depends on your intended storage length. You can keep it without deflating for around a week. It is advisable to deflate it if your storage period extends a week. Placing an inflated paddle board in a room exposes it to accidental punctures. The inflated size also requires additional room, which can create clutter in a compact space. Furthermore, it is better to clean and dry the deflated item before storing it when you do not use it for several months at a time.

Q: Does the Highpi paddling board have cross-stitches?

A: Yes, it features cross-stitching for maximum durability. You can see and feel the stitching patterns on the board. This design ensures you have dependable strength to withstand up to 15 psi, enabling you to use the board optimally. It can also support the high load capacity that lets you paddle comfortably without concerns about the structure sinking.

Who Should and Shouldn’t Buy the Product

This paddling board is suitable for all skill levels since its design provides the all-around SUP category. Nonetheless, if your favorite water spot features strong waves, you want to avoid it since it can quickly lose steadiness against currents.

You can get the Highpi board to enjoy excellent stability and comfort using its wide surface and soft traction pad. Besides, the spacious dimensions enable you to paddle with a friend or a pet for comfortable companionship. It also features multiple secure storage areas, a collapsible paddle, and a double-action hand pump to make the utility more convenient. You can purchase and use this paddle board on saltwater or freshwater spots, staying away from locations with strong currents to maintain balance.