FITPULSE Paddle Board Reviewed | Is It Worth It?

When you are looking for a new paddle board, the FITPULSE Paddle Board is going to show up in your research. The FITPULSE Paddle Board consistently makes the top 10 lists of best paddle boards of all time, as it has the quality, aesthetics, and reputation that stands out in a sea of many other brands. This paddle board is not the only product in the FITPULSE lineup, and this product helps FITPULSE to maintain its reputation in the water sports industry.

FITPULSE Paddle Board

In the world of paddleboards, discerning quality and value between brands can be difficult, and even sometimes misleading. The FITPULSE Paddle Board is a brand with a reputation that stands out, and as such, so does this product. We’ve put this paddle board to the test, and our FITPULSE Paddle Board speaks for itself. Use it in your research when you are buying your next paddleboard.


When you are looking for a paddle board, you are looking for one that you will see in your visions of water sporting adventures. This paddle board comes with enough features and accessories to keep you happy for many adventures to come.

  • Superior quality inflatable paddle board that makes it easy and safe to use on almost any water.
  • Air valve that fastens securely, so you can avoid air leaks
  • Triple bottom panel fins with non-slip EVA deck pad helps to improve the stability of your paddling
  • Durable material holds up to 242 pounds
  • Reinforced material with double sidewall and multiple coats to ensure airtight floating
  • Anti-slip deck pad
  • Floating paddle adjusts to any height
  • Coiled leash that won’t drag in the water
  • Waterproof repair kit
  • 11 feet long and 32 inches wide gives you a lot of room to feel secure on
  • Super light to carry anywhere
  • Comes with a full accessory kit that includes a backpack to store and transport, aluminum paddle, coiled ankle leash, dual-action hand pump and valve accessory, waterproof repair kit, waterproof case for your phone, sunglasses strap and double clip hoops

This is a paddle board with features that can be used for every paddle boarding adventure. When you follow the instructions, these features make your paddling easy, fun, and safe, every time.

Pros & Cons

  • Affordable for the caliber of materials and safety features
  • Can be used by any level of skill
  • All-inclusive packaging
  • Versatile, for any water boarding adventure
  • Some leaking problems when the air valve is not used properly
  • Accessories are not high end
  • Seasoned paddlers may become bored with this paddle board

Our rating: 4.7 Star Rating 4.7 / 5

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Below is a list of the most asked questions regarding FITPULSE paddle board.

1) What are the measurements of this paddle board?

This is the first question that every paddle board purchaser considers and with good reason. The paddle board measures up to 11 feet which makes it stand out from some of its competitors. It is a length that is compatible with almost any paddle boarding size and is ideal for teenagers and adults. With this size, you have the room you need to paddle board with grace and without the clumsy fiddling.

The size of this board also helps to enhance its safety features. At 11 feet long and 32 inches wide, the measures make this a comfortable and easy to use paddleboard with a lot of room to move around. This size also makes the board very responsive to any move that you make in the water.

The board is also constructed with a very wide nose and tail. Between this and its length and width, the board is considered to be very stable.

In addition to its length and width features, the FITPULSE Paddle Board also has a thickness of six inches to add strength and security to your paddling. The maximum weight capacity for this board is 242 pounds, and all security features will be most effective when this is adhered to. From water yoga to fishing, this is a paddle board that you can take almost anywhere.

2) Is this a good quality paddle board? I’ve bought too many that broke or wore out too soon from the water.

The quality of the paddle board is exceptional, and you can feel this from its first use. Every FITPULSE product undergoes the same manufacturing and quality control process before it hits the shelves for the customer. This ensures a light design that will last and stand the test of time after multiple uses in the water every year. This is a top-quality board with non-slip EVA pads and secured D-rings. Each of its coatings is tested to be airtight, and its double sidewall features help you to feel its quality from its first to its last use.

3) How is the performance of this paddle board?

The performance of this paddle board is such that it is effective and functional for any level of paddleboarding. Whether you are just learning how to do this, or adding to your collection, the FITPULSE Paddle Board is great for anybody’s game. It is completely reliable when used correctly and has a built-in navigation system with three bottom panel fins that let you take even the tightest turns without sacrificing your speed or agility. You don’t have to be a supreme athlete for this board to perform for you on any water.

The paddles are also a high-performing product that have a built-in channel feature to prevent twisting when you are paddling. They are adjustable to fit a wide variety of heights and length preferences. It is the dimensions of this product along with the 3-fin design that make this board easy to move, and avoid spinning and twisting in the water.

4) What is in the package?

Included with your FITPULSE Paddle Board is a backpack, adjustable aluminum paddle, coiled ankle leash, dual-action pump and valve tool, floating sunglasses strap, waterproof repair kit, and double clip hoops.

5) Is this as nice as the brand name products?

This is one of those products that when you get it, you are surprised at its quality. I am one of those that is adding to my collection with this product. This is one of those that I now use more than any of my other boards. I actually think it’s nicer!

6) How is the customer service for FITPULSE?

The customer service with FITPULSE is exceptional. I tested this out when I thought I was having problems with the air valve. Like any floatation product or device, you have to know what you are doing with the air valve by following the directions. I was really struggling with the air valve at first and thought the entire purchase was a wash. I called customer service to find out what to do, and they walked me through the process of how to use an air valve and air pump. It turned out that I was just pumping right, but didn’t secure the valve properly.

My experience with customer service was that they were fast, gracious, and handled this problem as if it was the most important thing in their day. It actually was for me! Now I am glad that I went with this company to begin with. It was so highly recommended to me from the start.

In Conclusion

If you have been looking for a paddle board that is easy to use, affordable, and comes with accessible features that will make your water boarding easy and fun, the FITPULSE Paddle Board is an excellent choice. There is a reason this product is found on many top 10 lists for paddle boards. It is all of the fun without added expense. When you want to up the ante on water adventures, you won’t be disappointed with the FITPULSE Paddle Board.