Fayean Paddle Board Reviewed | Is It Worth Your Money?

Someone once said to paddle to add balance to your life. The Fayean paddle board provides an excellent opportunity for you to get away from the urban jungle and enjoy the fresh air on the water. It incorporates multiple features to make utility comfortable and convenient for a fun and relaxing paddling session.

Fayean Paddle Board

Here, you can find the board’s various aspects, including the features, FAQs, and pros and cons. This information also presents other paddlers’ experiences that enable you to examine the board and know how best to handle it.


  • 30-inch wide
  • 6-inch thick
  • 11ft 5-inch long
  • 2 lbs weight
  • 450 lbs load capacity
  • PVC material
  • Industrial-grade adhesive
  • Non-slip deck pad
  • Built-in cargo straps
  • Removable fins

Users’ Experience

Learning about some users’ experiences ensures you know better what to expect when buying a Fayean SUP. Below are some feedbacks to help you understand its performance:


Fayean offers a quality package consisting of different accessories, making paddling more convenient while saving additional costs. You get three detachable fins that you can efficiently use to replace damaged or lost fins. It also provides a coil leash for added safety, with the spiral design enabling you to move around the board freely.

Besides these, the package includes a hand pump to enhance your convenience when you do not have alternative options like an electric pump. Notably, it supports manual usage, meaning you need to exert some effort to ensure your paddle board reaches maximum pressure level.


The Fayean paddle board integrates three fins at the bottom that boost overall speed. They also help you improve steering and handling, making it easier for beginners to learn and develop control. The attachment design allows you to remove and quickly replace the fins, even for teens, kids, and adults. Apart from this, the board has a 30-inch deck that offers sufficient space to stand with excellent balance. Some people might find this width slightly off since it is narrower than most standard paddling boards.

You can also maneuver the board comfortably without dealing with water constantly spilling on your deck because it is 6-inch thick. The thickness provides ideal support that stops the paddling board from drawing deep during your strokes. This paddle board also incorporates sturdy construction using durable materials that can support up to 450-lbs weight capacity. You can rely on this high-load capacity and spacious design to paddle with a companion or a pet. It also features 4 D-rings that you can utilize to attach a seat to the board, enabling you to enjoy kayaking and paddling opportunities.

Construction and Inflation Time

This paddling board features premium PVC and EVA construction, giving you a sturdy product with dependable longevity. It also integrates industrial-grade adhesive into its components, ensuring attachments stay secure, despite contact with water. These materials make the product lightweight and add to your comfort during carriage.

The built-in heavy-duty handle ensures you can lift the board with ease without compromising your center of gravity. Although the design has UV-resistant materials, the print on the deck often wears off after the first use.

You can use the provided manual air pump to inflate the board within five minutes, allowing you to get to the water swiftly. It also has a quick deflation time to make after-use cleaning and packing more comfortable. Nonetheless, it is not easy during the final pumps when filling the board, leading you to put in extra effort or seek assistance from a friend.

The reinforced composite drop-stitch incorporated into the structure means you can confidently pump your board to its recommended maximum pressure without encountering leaks or tears.

Safety and Storage

Besides the durable construction, the manufacturer ensures you can keep health concerns at bay by using toxic-free materials. The EVA material used at the top layer allows you to enjoy a long-lasting grip, preventing slips even when water splashes on your board.

Fayean also includes a coil leash in its package, enabling you to link the board to your ankle. This connection increases your safety while simultaneously preventing the paddle board from floating away if you fall into the water.


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Fayean SUP has built-in straps that let you secure light cargo, including food items or extra clothes. You can also find a waterproof case supporting the universal application. Thus, you can use it to keep essentials such as keys, a camera, or a mobile phone close to you and dry when paddling.

You can also keep essential gear in the mounted bungee when you use the board for fishing and snorkeling. This board also comes with a backpack that enhances convenience during transportation and storage. You can deflate and fold the paddling board into the bag, with the padded shoulder straps preventing muscle strains.

Pros and Cons

The features provided above help you determine the different advantages and disadvantages you can encounter when using the Fayean paddle board. Here is an outline of the board’s pros and cons:

  • Triple bottom fins to improve the speed
  • Sizeable EVA pad for better grip
  • Durable and lightweight construction
  • Quick to inflate and deflate
  • A bonus hand pump
  • Backpack and waterproof storage case
  • It can slightly lose some color in some sections after use
  • Size can make maneuverability a bit stiff
  • Difficult to pump the board if you have a weak upper body

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do the paddles float?

A: Yes, they do. The manufacturer reinforced the Fayean paddles with floatable material. As such, you can retrieve your paddle swiftly if you unintentionally drop it in the water. You also do not have to panic about spending more money buying a replacement paddle from sinking accidents.

Q: Can you get a replacement for the small side fins?

A: Yes, the package includes three extra fins to help you switch any damaged ones. In addition, you can find additional fins in the market, with their availability making repair and replacement more comfortable. Hence, you can save extra expenses since you do not have to buy a new paddle board set due to lost or damaged fins.

Q: Can you use this paddling board on saltwater?

A: The Fayean SUP is useable on saltwater and freshwater, letting you paddle on rivers, lakes, or the ocean. This versatility increases convenience and fun application opportunities since you can access any water body with flat or soft currents for an exciting paddling experience.

Q: Is the paddle board available in different styles?

A: Yes, it is. You can find the board in different colors, although the provided adjustable paddle comes only in black. The paddle boards incorporate various prints and designs on the deck that gives them a unique appearance. Additionally, the vibrant colors make it easier for others to spot you in the water, increasing safety in emergencies.

Who Should and Shouldn’t Buy the Product

Anyone, ranging from beginners to casual paddlers, can buy this paddle board. Its sturdy construction, quality accessories, and maneuverability make it convenient for paddling, traveling, recreating, or touring. You can consider other options if you value aesthetics since the board’s print tends to wear off soon after initial use.

In Conclusion

Our rating: 4.5 Star Rating 4.5 / 5

If you seek something to suit different paddling skill levels, this Fayean board is your answer. It has a high-load capacity, spacious deck, and anti-slip surface to facilitate stability for everyone on board, including a friend or pet. Even though it might be narrower than most standard SUP boards, it is sufficiently deep to prevent you from drawing deep. You can go for it and enjoy fun paddling sessions on the calm waters of the ocean, lakes, or rivers.