eMotion Guster Kayak by Lifetime Review

eMotion Guster Kayak

It is no secret that it can be hard to shop for a small kayak. When it comes to larger kayaks, you have much more room for experimentation. With a small kayak, however, there is much less room for error. The smaller a kayak is, the harder it has to work to support more weight less it capsizes. On the flip side, smaller kayaks also tend to be more maneuverable and affordable.

Note: As the eMotion Guster kayak is currently unavailable in most online shops, we suggest trying out similar rigid kayak, the Pelican Sit-on-top 10-feet kayak.

Finding a way to balance the different needs for smaller kayaks is essential, and the eMotion Guster kayak by Lifetime does so admirably.

Features of eMotion Guster

This model is in many ways exactly what you’d expect from a smaller, lighter kayak. It is a single-seater, so you won’t be taking any guests along for a ride, but that’s par for the course

Some key specs and features to keep in mind with this model include:

  • 10 ft long
  • 48 lbs
  • 275-lb carrying capacity
  • Polyethylene build
  • Carrying handles
  • An adjustable foot brace for extra comfort
  • Padded seating
  • A cupholder
  • Toggle handles in the front and rear
  • Bungee cords to help fasten your gear in place
  • Foam blocks for added flotation

10 ft Kayak

One of the first things you’ll notice about the specs and features list is how this model is a bit bigger for a “small” kayak at both 10 ft and 48 lbs. On the one hand, if you are a total beginner, this may make the kayak too big and unwieldy for you. Many beginners start off on a kayak around 8 ft or even smaller, and opt for more lightweight and even inflatable options for the same reason. On the other hand, the fact this model is still small enough to be considered an overall “small” kayak despite that extra size hints at a longer useful life once you have mastered the basics of kayaking and are looking for something a bit more advanced.

Capacity and Weight Support

What’s more in line with the beginner status of the eMotion Guster Sit-In Kayak is its one-seat design and low carrying capacity of just 275 lbs. In fairness, this should be more than enough for most passengers, but it also means that you have less available capacity for bringing along any pets or additional accoutrements, such as fishing gear. At the same time, if you truly are a beginner, chances are you won’t have much need for that in the first place.


Other than that, this model does a lot right in terms of keeping things simple and comfortable enough to allow new kayakers to get their bearings while still having enough features to keep some experienced users looking for a one-seater as well. The foot brace is a nice touch to add some comfort, as is the padded seating. Both of these features are of course standard in many kayaks, but the overall quality here is quite good, especially for a kayak of this size.

What really stands out about the eMotion Guster Sit-In Kayak is its foam blocks. It is by far the least “standard” of all its features, and it’s an interesting choice. Given its small size, every bit of assistance counts when it comes to increasing this kayak’s ability to float. It may not be the flashiest kayak feature, but it’s certainly one that helps set the eMotion Guster Sit-In Kayak apart and can help keep it stable in situations where other kayaks might wobble or sink.

What Do Users Say

On the whole, the reception to the eMotion Guster Kayak has been positive. One feature that many users have gravitated toward is the unexpected speed for a model so comparatively basic. This is due in part to how narrow the kayak is and how well it tracks on the water. Both of these factors combine to make for a kayak that is built for speed.

On the flip side, other users have complained about the comparative weakness of the handles. While kayaks often have detractors claiming a particular model is flimsy, it is noteworthy here since if the handles break off, you’ll have a much harder time hauling this model out to the water. Couple that with the fact that this model is best for beginners, and you can start to see why this might be frustrating.

Overall, however, response to the eMotion Guster Kayak has been good. Its speed, maneuverability, accessibility, and comfort all combine to make for a model that’s attractive to new users and experienced ones looking for a one-seater.

Pros and Cons

Among the best aspects of this kayak are:

  • 10 ft is small enough to learn with but large enough to grow into as a kayaker
  • 48 lbs is likewise heavier than truly lightweight models but not egregiously heavy
  • The foam inserts give this model some extra buoyancy
  • The padded seating is quite comfortable
  • The bungee cords secure items in place
  • The overall slim shape of this model and tracking ability give it added speed

Some potential drawbacks to keep in mind include:

  • This model is a basic one-seater without the ability to bring others along for the ride
  • The handles may not be as sturdy as those on other models

In Conclusion

Our rating: 4.5 Star Rating 4.5 / 5

As mentioned above, it can be hard to find a small kayak, and the eMotion Guster Sit-In Kayak comes up big. It is a bit bigger than most “small” kayaks at 10 ft, but that works to its advantage given that you can learn in it as a beginner and then grow into it as a more experienced kayaker.

The biggest thing to keep an eye on is this model’s durability, especially its handles. As long as you treat those with care, you should be able to enjoy it for years to come. The foam inserts are a really interesting inclusion that help give this kayak some extra buoyancy, which is definitely welcome given its size. What’s more, it’s rare to find a one-seater this comfortable.

If you are looking for an accessible starter kayak that’s on the affordable side and has a speedier than expected upside, this kayak is a great option to consider.