Sevylor QuikPak K5 (Coleman) Kayak Reviewed

Have you been out camping then had to spend money to rent a kayak because you had an urge to get in the water? It’s a longing that strikes when you least expect it – or at least, it seems to happen when you don’t have your yak with you. Besides, carting a full size kayak around isn’t exactly easy. That’s why you need a high quality kayak. A kayak like Sevylor Coleman QuikPak K5.

Sevylor QuikPak K5

I found out that an inflatable kayak is a more sensible investment, especially if you love the sport. With an inflatable, you get the build and functionality of a hard shell kayak with the upside of portability. I can drag my kayak from one camping site to another and enjoy different kayaking experiences.

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The Sevylor Coleman QuikPak K5

The Sevylor Quikpak K5 is a one-person inflatable. Its construction offers dependability and stability while on the water. As the name suggests, it retracts fast and easy into a backpack with padded shoulders for increased comfort. Its compact enough to throw into your car trunk, making your road trips less cumbersome.

With a weight of 25.5 pounds, the Sevylor K5 is the kayak to get if you combine kayaking with hiking or nature walks. It weighs enough not to be a complication when cutting through rough trails.

The Basics of Inflatables and How to Pick One

Inflatables have evolved from the simple water toys they once were to reliable equipment that satisfies a range of kayaking needs. Manufacturers now use specialized materials and advanced technologies to improve the performance of inflatables.


A portable kayak like the Sevylor K5 makes storage easy, unlike traditional kayaks that require you to have a good quality roof rack on your vehicle to accommodate them. Inflatables also eliminate the stress of lifting and setting up the kayak, which can be frustrating, especially on your own. As with hard shells, an inflatable can be designed for one, two, or three occupants. An inflatable kayak is built with a hardwearing material to give it a rugged quality.

The kayak can encounter debris in the water like branches and twigs and will hold up well. Even in unsettled waters, the ruggedness of an inflatable ensures that it doesn’t tear easily.

Accessories and Repair Kits

The kayaks are sold with repair kits, which you can use to fix punctures in case they do occur. The Sevylor K5 doesn’t have a tracking fin, which makes it a bit challenging to navigate in rough waters. It is, therefore, suitable for someone planning to kayak in calmer lakes or rivers. Some users have found it decent in small rapids as well. If you intend to venture into craggy coastlines and tempestuous seas, check out other options like the Advanced Element StraightEdge Inflatable. The perfect inflatable means different things to various users. Before you start browsing the top kayak brands, know what works.

Are You a Pro?

What kind of kayaker are you; beginner, intermediate, or professional? Are you getting the watercraft for family fun, train for a competition, or just for recreation? All these requirements will narrow down your kayak options. The paddling options also influence the best kayaks to get. The Quikpak K5 is a 1-person kayak, which makes it a practical choice if you want to maintain your own pace when paddling. If you wish to have passengers like kids or a pet, a two-person inflatable is more favorable.

Weight and Build

To determine what best suits you, first consider your weight and build. If you are tall, the inflatable will need to provide sufficient room for the legs and torso. Your weight will dictate how much carrying capacity the ideal kayak should have. Remember to factor in the luggage accommodated in the kayak. Will you be scuba dividing, fishing, or just relaxing in the kayak? The type of activity will influence how much gear you will carry when kayaking.

If you are fishing, for example, you will need space for the rod and cooler. “Where are you kayaking?” is another question to ask when buying a watercraft. You must know the type of weather and waters you will be paddling in. Will the Sevylor K5 handle well in your newly discovered lake at the camping site?

Features of  Coleman QuikPak K5

The K5 QuikPak is the successor of the K3 QuikPak from Coleman, the outdoor company. It is third in line of the Quikpak range, which was developed by Sevylor for customers who want less costly quality inflatables. Sevylor’s kayaks are in the high-end market and can be out of reach for some enthusiasts. The Quikpak K5 doesn’t fail to deliver the Sevylor superior standard with its PVC construction and polyester cover. For an inflatable, it is highly responsive when maneuvering, making it easier to navigate meandering streams. For a beginner, the Coleman K5 offers a safe watercraft that doesn’t trouble you with handling or unpacking.

The specifications of the Coleman K5:

  • 25.5 pounds in weight (NMMA certified)
  • Inflated dimensions – 10 ft. x 2 ft. 10 in
  • Product dimension – 33.5 x 8.5 x 20 inches
  • Fits one person
  • Carrying capacity of 250 pounds

Here are the features you get with this Sevylor inflatable:

  • 24-gauge PVC – the PVC construction contributes to the stability of the kayak, which is always a concern when using an inflatable. The craft is sturdy enough to let you enjoy the water without worrying about tipping over.
  • Tarpaulin bottom – another feature that adds to the ruggedness of the kayak. The underside plus the 1000D polyester cover are designed to withstand abuse from water debris and small rocks. It keeps the craft durable for a good while, giving you value for money.
  • Airtight system – offers guarantees that your kayak won’t leak air, which offers you reliability in the water. In case it leaks, the kayak has multiple air chambers, which will keep it stable to allow you to get to the shore.
  • 5-minute setup – perhaps its greatest sell is the fast inflation and deflation. You only have to unbuckle the kayak from the pack and inflate it systematically using the Quikpump. Less set up time means more time for you to enjoy your favorite water activity
  • Lightweight – you can easily throw 25.5 pounds on your back and trek a treacherous trail. If you are biking, the pack will stay safely on your back. The Quikpak will occupy little space in the trunk of your car if you are taking a road trip.
  • D-rings – the strong D-rings on the kayak allow you to attach it to other equipment, meaning you can do more when in the water.
  • Carry handles – getting the inflatable in and out of the water is not a struggle.

Pros and Cons

Armed with the knowledge from above, let’s check out pros and cons.

  • Has a spray cover to keep you dry when the water gets a bit rough…
  • The Coleman K5 offers ample of storage space, which means you can bring food, gear, or an extra paddle
  • Its D-rings and bungee storage are easily accessible, so you don’t have to move too much when in the water
  • The biggest downside of the kayak is the paddle, which is weak. It can make navigation a bit tedious.
  • If you are 6 ft, the kayak can be a bit cramped because it doesn’t have a lot of leg room
  • Compared to other inflatables of similar build and measurements, the price of the Sevylor K5 is on the higher side

Conclusion – Is Sevylor QuikPak K5 Worth It?

Our rating: 4.3 Star Rating 4.3 / 5

The K5 is designed for the backpacker who wants the best of both worlds – kayak in a comfortable craft and be able to stroll around without too much luggage. Its sturdy build allows it to withstand the rigors of a river or lake without compromising performance. Even with minimal water confidence, the Quikpak K5 inflatable kayak makes for an enjoyable kayaking experience. For more reviews, go back to the homepage.