Bestway HydroForce Voyager 1000 Reviewed

Finding the perfect raft that suits your needs can be challenging as there are numerous rafts in the market. However, are you shopping for that ideal raft for fishing and exploring the lake? Consider looking at Bestway HydroForce voyager 1000.

Bestway HydroForce voyager 1000

Bestway Hydro Force Voyager 1000 is made from quality PVC material capable of withstanding UV degradation and comes with a fishing rod holder and inflatable cushions. For safety precautions, this raft comes with safety-grab ropes. In terms of capacity, this raft is capable of supporting two adults and one child.

Sounds cool, right? The voyager is great to take on a water adventure under the sun without worrying about quality deterioration.

Are you still not convinced that Bestway HydroForce voyager 1000 is the best alternative for fishing and sea exploration? Continue reading to the end as this article is crafted to answer most of your questions by examining the features, pros, and cons of this particular raft.

Primary Features of Hydro Force Voyager 1000

  • Three-seater design that supports two adults and a child of a maximum load of 597Ibs
  • Weighs 33 pounds and is hence easily portable
  • Dimensions of 115x 50x18inches
  • It has integrated fishing rod holders
  • Repair Kit with anti-thorn badges
  • It is fitted with comfortable inflatable cushions
  • 2, 60-inch aluminum oars
  • Pressure gauge
  • Extra-strength, 3-ply reinforced vinyl
  • One-year warranty

What Do Users Say?

The owners have ascertained that the quality of the raft is just as described by Bestway. It is durable and best suitable for fishing and cruising. While there are some few complains of the oar and air pumps malfunction caused by manufactures error, the overall product is excellent.

Here you can check a good video overview by Anson:

It is undeniable that one of the shortcomings of inflatable raft high possibility of being torn. However, some of the features of this Hydroforce Voyager 1000 have made it steady and durable. The vessel is made from a solid PVC material, making it withstand harsh weather conditions such as the strong sun. Also, it is has a 3-ply reinforced vinyl that strengthens it and ensures it does not collapse. Further, the pressure gauge ensures that the raft does not burst. In case it gets torn, it is fitted with a repair kit to handle emergency cases, which are very rare.

Pros and Cons

What Are The Pros Of A Hydro Force Voyager 1000?

  • Portability and Convenience: This type of raft weighs 33 pounds, making it easy to transport from home to the lake. How convenient is the hydro force voyager 1000? This type of raft has inbuilt fishing rod holders, a storage bag, a tow ring, and oar clasps for fishing purposes. The raft is made of comfortable inflatable cushions for cruising purposes that ensure you have a great ride and experience as you explore on the open sea.
  • Comfortable Seats: The use of inflatable materials adds extra comfort to the rider(s). With this type of raft, you can go fishing for long hours without getting tired or uncomfortable. Also, cruising on open water with this type of vessel requires excellent experience with such excellent seating materials.
  • The Capacity: unlike other rafts where only two persons can be accommodated at a time, Bestway hydro force voyager 1000 can comfortably support two adults and one child. However, these three persons should not way more than 594Ibs. Does your family comprise of three persons? This is your best choice for both cruising and fishing purposes.
  • Durability: Bestway hydro force voyager 1000 is made of very strong PVC material that can withstand harsh weather. While some rafts can easily be affected by the sun, hydro force voyager 1000 can withstand UV degradation stresses, water pollution, and damage. Also, the fact that it can be patched up in case it gets torn increases its durability. It has a 3-ply reinforced vinyl that adds to its durability.
  • Easy to inflate and deflate: Featuring three different air chambers making it easier to inflate while at the same time maintaining safe balance on the waters. Are you worried that this vessel can deflate easily and sink? The inflation valves are easy to use, and with the repair kit on board, you have nothing to worry about. After fishing and cruising venture, you can easily open up the raft completely for fast deflation, increasing its portability.
  • Fitted with multi-use grommets: A grab line surrounds the raft with inbuilt grommets. As such, you can easily tie it at the docks. The grommet on the rear ensures that you can mount it on an outboard motor of about 1.4 HP.
  • Passenger safety: While considering purchasing a raft for whatever purposes, your safety is paramount. As such, with Bestway hydro force voyager 1000, your safety while on the waters is assured. The grab line can be used to assist one from sinking if you slide off the vessel. The repair kit is also in place to patch up any torn parts that may occur while on the waters.

What Are The Cons Of A Hydro Force Voyager 1000?

  • The problem with some air pumps is not inflating the vessel at all.
  • Defect oars: there are numerous complaints where the product is delivered with defective oars


Our rating: 4.4 Star Rating 4.4 / 5

In my humble opinion, the benefits of the hydro force voyager 1000 outweigh the disadvantages. While these few defects cannot be ignored, the raft remains to be the best alternative for your fishing and cruising purposes. But of course, you have to make up your own mind.

Happy rafting!