6 Best Kayak Lights Available Today

While you think of kayaking as an activity to do during the day time, not every person will be on the water when the sun is out. There are some incidents that require a person to be out on a kayak when the sun is down. It’s important when this is the case to remain safe and protected. How can you protect yourself during the dark terrain? Very simply, you need a great set of kayak lights. This is so you can be seen by others and keep yourself safe while you are on the waters during the dark.

You may not know exactly where to go to find the best kayak lights. It isn’t really advised to go out to actual stores, but even so, where to go to find what you need? This is why it’s great that the internet exists, because you can find everything and anything you want online. Including the best kayak lights.

In this article, we will be going through the best kayak navigation lights to get for your kayak. You can find each of them online and we will also be providing testimonials from reviewers online. This way you are aware of what the positive and negatives are behind each choice. This will hopefully aid in your decision making for the best kayak lights for night paddling or daily kayak fishing.

Six Winners to Choose From

So without further ado, let’s jump directly onto the list.

1) Botepon Marine Boat Bow Lights

Botepon Marine Boat Bow Lights

Talk about getting a deal when to purchasing something online. For this option, you can get twelve marine LED boating lights for a very inexpensive price tag. With this option, you are getting a lot of lights for the price of one that can be used for your kayaking at night. On top of coming in several different colors, they also possess the ability to come in three different modes.

  • Easy to install on inflatable kayaks.
  • The lights are sustainable up to thirty-five hours.
  • The only negative comes from a review who stated that one light out of the twelve did not turn on.

2) OPT7 Aura LED Boat Light – 24 inches RGB Soundsync Interior Lighting Strip

OPT7 Aura LED Boat Light - 24 inches RGB Soundsync Interior Lighting Strip

This next option for the best kayak lights you can find outline is the OPT7. It is pricier than the first option, but it is well-made and impressive looking for your kayak. Who says you have to sacrifice style for functionality? These LED lights mix 16 different colors at a micro level. It takes up to only five minutes to install. It is also flexible and waterproof, which is great considering you are putting it on a kayak!

  • One reviewer gave a great review! They stated that this is the option for you if you are boating at night and want your vessel to stand out! You have so many options when it comes to picking the color and the brightness of the light you install!
  • There is a smart-phone app that allows you to pick these colors, which is very usual for this situation.
  • Installation is incredibly easy and should take you no time at all.
  • This option is sturdy and remains on for a long time, making it a great option for you!
  • It did seem that a couple of reviewers got a few bad apples. One stated they did not have the ability to change color – that the light simply remained blue no matter what they did.
  • Another said that the installation process took them about two hours – a contradiction to most other reviews that praised the little amount of time needed to be spent on this.
  • Another person revealed that the fading option did not work for these lights.

3) GearLight S1 LED Safety Lights [4 Pack] for Boat

GearLight S1 LED Safety Lights [4 Pack] for Boat

Let’s now talk about the GearLight as our next option. Incredibly affordable, this four-pack can be a great option for kayak lights for night paddling. The GearLight is super bright and easy to install. It has three modes and is weather resistant. On top of being able to be used on a kayak, you can use these lights on helmets and more. So, let’s go through the positive and negatives of the GearLight!

  • The first review online for this product is very cute – stating the owner has installed the lights on their dog’s harness when walking the dog at night. But, you can use this for your kayak in order to guide your kayak at night.
  • They work great, according to one reviewer! Perfect to pair up together, so you may want to buy multiple packs of the GearLight.
  • Someone loved how compact they were, but how bright the lights were.
  • What is truly wonderful about this product is that it does not seem there are any negative comments. Which, means this is definitely a winner in my book!

4) Submersible LED Lights with Remote Battery

Submersible LED Lights with Remote Battery

Let’s go into these submersible LED lights that can be used for a variety of different things. Most importantly, these LED lights, kayak navigation lights could just be the perfect and bright lghts for your kayak at night. You can either other them as two or as a set of four. It comes with two IR remotes and the lights can be controlled from twenty feet away.

  • The remote works great from a distance! Which is great to do when you are on a boat and want to adjust the lights that are responsible for shining your kayak bright in the night!
  • Another reviewer expressed that these LED lghts were made sturdy and shined bright!
  • One person ordered several packs of these LED lights and states that two were defective. They also point out that there was some solder problem which made the item become very hot.
  • Luckily, this seems to be the only negative!

5) Brite Strike Kayak or Paddleboard Waterproof Lighting Kit with 4 Lights

Brite Strike Kayak or Paddleboard Waterproof Lighting Kit with 4 Lights

Next up in our list of the best kayak lights you can fine online we have the Brite Strike! The Brte Strike is specifically made for kayaking. You do not need to drill anything in and there are no wires to have to worry about. Plus, there’s over 200 hours of runtime! These light strips are adhesive and stick on perfectly so you can use them when you need to be on the water at night.

  • These are great LED lights for any kayak. Whether it is a hard kayak or an inflatable one, this Brite Strike is made specifically to help you see in the night.
  • There are not many comments on this kayak light, but the reviews that are there make it clear that this is an efficient option for anyone looking to boat at night.
  • The only negative comment left on the Brite Strike is that the LED light isn’t as bright as you would hope it would be for the purpose it is meant for. In this case, you may want to pair it with other LED lights.

6) LED Navigation Lights – Led Emergency Lights for Boat Bow

LED Navigation Lights - Led Emergency Lights for Boat Bow

When you are looking to provide light for your nightly kayak outings, you don’t need to have something overly fancy. Sometimes, simpler is better. This is what you get with these LED navigation lights. These mini lights are simple, yet effective. Which, is what you want when you are looking to provide safety while you are out on the water at night. These LED lights are encased in silicone which makes them waterproof. They may not look like anything special, but they will certainly get the job done.

  • For being small and simple, these LED lights are highly praised by those who have bought them! Easy to install and bright!
  • Another reviewer pointed out that they are great for emergencies – so it may be best to use these in addition to your regular kayak lights as backup in case something happens to the other ones.
  • For some users, there seems to be an issue with the lights shutting off. Some have pointed out that these LED lights may be one-time use.
  • Another reviewer stated that once it rained, the lights seemed to stop working as they should.

Conclusion: What Is The Best Kayak Light For You?

In this review, we have gone through six different kayak navigation lights. They all range from price and quality. Most of the lights listed in this article can be used for various objects. Not just kayaks! But, the point is that you want a reliable light for your kayak when out on the water at night. We have provided positive and negatives for each ick. As well as some basic information to assist you with your decision making. As mentioned earlier, all of these options can be found online! This way you are social distancing from others, but can also get your kayak light in the mail and be ready to get out there! Remember to always be safe and no matter if you are looking for a light for function or for aesthetic, you can find anything you want online!