Advanced Elements Lagoon 2 (AE1033-0) Kayak Reviewed

Are you looking for a quality inflatable kayak for two people that will suit all your needs? Today, we will take a closer look at the Advanced Elements Lagoon 2 (AE1033) and maybe, just maybe, it will turn out to be all that your heart desires.

Advanced Elements Lagoon 2 (AE1033-0) Kayak

In the below sections we will check out the features, verified owners’ opinions, pros and cons and finally, conclusion. So, read on, fellow kayaker!

Features of Advanced Elements Lagoon 2 AE1033-0

This particular kayak is not rigid but rather inflatable, which comes with its pros and cons. Designed as tandem for two people, it can also be used by one person, while the other seat can be used for example for fishing equipment.

Personally, I would not recommend using the other seat for your dog (unless he is well trained and you know what you are doing), because unlike with other two-person kayaks, the seats in Lagoon 2 are not connected.

The kayak measures 12 feet, which is quite a standard size for 2-person kayaks, comes with 350 lbs weight capacity and weighs 37 pounds.

On the stern and bow it has built-in rigid panels, which improve tracking. The seats are well padded and equipped with rubber handles that are molded for a firmer grip.

The Lagoon 2 comes with a quick-inflation twist-lock and high-flow spring valves, which make the set-up a breeze.

The kayak itself is made of two different materials. The outside (topside) material is a high-density polyester, along with a PVC laminate, while the underside (bottom – hull) is made of PVC tarpaulin, which is basically two PVC sheets put together by a fabric mesh in between. All these combinations make it a kayak worth its name.

Specs summary:

  • Inflatable
  • Tandem design
  • 12 feet long
  • 350 weight support
  • 37 pounds weight
  • 1-year warranty

That would sum up the features. Now let’s see what the owners have to say.

What Do Users Say About Advanced Elements Lagoon 2?

Why would you, or anyone choose an inflatable kayak over a rigid one? Well, there are two obvious reasons: space and price. While the latter doesn’t always have to be true (there are inflatable kayaks far pricier then some rigid ones), it is true in all cases that an inflatable one saves a lot of space. For those, who don’t have a lot of space to spare, inflatable is the right choice. The Lagoon 2 AE1033 is no exception here and while not inflated, it takes very little space.

In the video below (made by 50 Campfires) you can check the comparison between Lagoon 1 and 2:

Quick to Inflate – Or Not?

The inflation itself with a standard pump takes about 20-25 minutes, which might be quite a lot to some. But fear not, you can separately purchase the double action pump by Advanced Elements, which saves you about half the time (who would have thought that from the name, right?).

Beginner Friendly

Let me say first that if you are just starting with kayaking and you plan on going solo, first try to find a one-person kayak. If there’s two of you, then I’d suggest reading the included manual first. After that, I’m sure that you’ll have a wonderful time with the Advanced Elements Lagoon 2. It is one of the easier tandem kayaks to play with.

Materials and Durability

I’m pleased to report that the Lagoon 2 is indeed, quite durable. The combination of the mentioned materials (topside PVC laminate with high-density polyester and bottom-side PVC tarpaulin) makes it quite durable.

Several owners who experienced bumps and scratches reported that they were always superficial, never something permanent. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should go all cowboy against nature on the water, unless of course you are determined to test the durability more thoroughly.

However, high quality materials also come with one downside – the drying time. It takes quite a while to full dry out, so it can be later stored. So, I’d suggest that it would be the first thing to do if you are done kayaking for the day.

Tracking and Stability

The tracking itself isn’t bad, it’s actually quite good considering the 12 feet length, however, it can be improved by purchasing (separately) the Backbone accessory, which will definitely help with tracking and stability.

Seats and Comfort

Most owners of the kayak agree that seats are quite comfy, although, as I have mentioned in the features, they are not connected, so if you plan to go solo, while the other seat might act as a storage space, it’s not that easily reachable, more so if you are a shorter person. It’s just something to keep in mind, so you won’t be disappointed.


While primarily designed for mild rivers and lakes, several users reported they didn’t have any problems on the ocean and even semi-rough seas. However, I’d not take it on the water with high waves, it’s really not suited for that.


Now this is something the Lagoon 2 doesn’t have covered properly. Unless you want to use this kayak solo, with two people inside, it doesn’t have much space left for accessories, food and other stuff.

Pros and Cons

Now that we are armed with all the information from above, let’s summarize all we know into pros and cons.

  • Easy to set-up
  • Highly durable materials
  • Beginner friendly
  • Great stability
  • Good for seas and oceans as well
  • Not enough storage space
  • The backbone and Double-Action pump need to be purchased separately (optional)
  • Takes quite some time to full dry out

Is Advanced Elements Lagoon 2 Worth It?

Our rating: 4.3 Star Rating 4.3 / 5

The Lagoon 2 (AE1033) is one of the better tandem inflatable kayaks currently on the market. It is made of very high quality and durable materials, provides great stability and is quite easy to set up. If you plan on purchasing the accessories like double-action pump and the backbone, you will get yourself a semi-professional kayak.

As long as you don’t mind the drying time and limited storage space, the kayak will be a good choice for you and possibly, for your friend, sibling or other half. Here goes tandem.

Happy paddling!