Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Sport AE1017 Reviewed

In this article, we will take a closer look at the Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Sport AE1017 kayak. A canoe that can be packed up into a bag made of a light frame with a watertight covering and small opening that sits on top and is used for numerous activities such as fishing among others in the water.

Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Sport AE1017

Kayaks don’t always require registration and are very easy to pack in your house. The above kayak is mostly used for recreational activities and is very durable and designed for puncture resistance. Used by people of all ages and abilities. Easy to set up and it takes four minutes and ten seconds and weighs eleven and a half kilos which is very light.

It has a one hundred and thirteen kilos capacity which means that it can hold at least one person as that is what most people weigh around. Found in colors orange and blue. Has four chambers and folded size is 30 “by 17” by 8” and can hold one person.

Features of the Sport AE1017 Kayak

The AE1017 kayak has the following features:

  • Advanced Element Spring Valve – A spring valve is placed around the stem of a valve and held in place by a retainer. It helps protect the axle, cylinder walls, and pistons securing the proper amount of compression.
  • An Integrated Pressure Relief Valve on the Floor – This valve is used to control or limit the pressure in a system, ensuring that the vessel does not sink in the water.
  • Durable Double-Coated Fabric – This ensures that the wear and tear are put to a minimum for extensive use of the kayak in terms of time. Minimum of three years of use.
  • Bungee Deck Lacing – Useful for grabbing on anywhere along with the boat and holding on to the kayak in a capsize or rescue situation. Let’s you carry specific pieces of gear such as break down spare paddle on deck and miscellaneous items.
  • Molded Rubber Handles – They are durable and dependable handles that you can count on so one can be safe while canoeing.
  • Reinforced Bow and Stern Seam – Ensures the kayak passes efficiently through the water and reduces resistance.
  • Storage Compartment – Ensures you can store some of your miscellaneous and important items in the canoe which is very important for storing safety equipment.
  • Welded Seams – Offer superior strength that won’t leak air over time. No adhesive can wear down or fail over time. This aids in the durability of the canoe.
  • Neoprene Paddle Guard – This is an attire won where underneath one can wear a swimsuit. It is water-resistant for comfortability but if it is cold one can wear more underneath depending on the weather.
  • Adjustable Back Support – This ensures that one is comfortable while canoeing as you can sit in the posture, they desire.
  • D-Ring Tie-Down – They add a convenient anchor point for ropes bungee codes or straps widely used as tie-down anchors.
  • Skeg Tracking Fin – Used in the tracking of a kayak. Helps your kayak track straight.
  • Ripstop Fabric – Woven fabrics made of nylon using special reinforcing techniques making them resisting to tearing and ripping.

The kayak also includes accessories such as carrying a duffel bag, folding seat, repair kit, and owner’s manual.

Here is a great overview video by Dale Mr. D Simmons:

User’s Experience with the Kayak

The fact that the Sport AE1017 kayak can also be used for recreational and not heavy sports makes the kayak, not for all people especially those interested in sporting activities.

The kayak can only be used by one person at a time which can be an inconvenience for some people who would like to go canoeing with someone in the same kayak.

The duration that one can keep the kayak has been one of the positive reasons the kayak is being bought so hastily. The only condition is that one should not leave their kayak outside under the sun when not in use for long periods.

Being pregnant one might need some help getting in and out of the kayak but the adjustable back support is really helpful and can create more space for heavy women interested in canoeing.

Some people have enjoyed how conveniently they can store the kayak and how easy it is to store in small apartments and houses.

One individual is quite grateful for how fast it is to inflate the kayak; it takes less than thirty minutes and for him, that is record time.

A lady was grateful that it could fit in the trunk of her car making the traveling way better and safer because no one knows where you are headed to.

Some people would like a variety of colors included.

The extra space for the things one desires drew one to love the kayak model more than others.

Those who are interested in their safety were happy to know about the bungee deck lacing which ensures that when one is caught up by waves there is a way to safely hold on to the kayak.

After leaving their kayak under the sun for more than a day the client was very upset about the wear and tear the kayak sustained. Suggested something should be done to increase the durability of the kayak.

Development of mold after the client put the canoe in its bag without it being fully dry and made one of the clients upset with the quality of the kayak.

A client was very happy about the large cockpit where they had easy entry and exit of the canoe.

Pros and Cons of the Sport AE1017 Kayak

  • Does not require a lot of storage space thus those with small homes or those living in apartments can have a place to keep them safely
  • Does not require rigging and can fit into a car trunk
  • Punctures are not something that you will worry about
  • The seats are customized and thus you can inflate the seats to your size preference
  • Has safety measures included in case of emergency it being the bungee deck lacing.
  • Has enough storage room for extra equipment
  • Large cockpit opening for easy entry and exit
  • The kayak can easily be affected by strong winds and currents flow.
  • May require quite some effort to inflate
  • If folded when having some significant amount of water mold might form.
  • Has only two-color variety orange and blue


Our rating: 4.5 Star Rating 4.5 / 5

There are numerous ways that technology has assisted us and one of them is the kayak and not only any kayak but the kayak AE1017. This model has a variety of two colors to choose from, numerous strengths with the best being its durability reaching at least three years.

The Sport AE1017 kayak does not require a lot of space to be stored but instead can fit in a bag and small spaces where it can be put in small apartments or small living spaces. So, if you are interested in any cheap convenient recreational methods kayaking can be a wonderful option for you.

Safety is guaranteed by this model and enough space for one to pack anything you need is a very big plus in terms of ingenuity. Numerous people are very pleased with this model kayak and with good reason so. Most of the complaints have come from one’s carelessness as one may put it otherwise the product is one of the best.