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Hi I’m Paul, founder of KayaKudos.com.

I made this website because I just love yaks and apparently I talk and talk about them, so I figured I could write and write about them too – at least that would help me to get it out of my system.

I grew up in the mountains of Wales – a tiny country in the United Kingdom. The great thing about living in Wales is that you are never further than about an hour from the sea, and we have some of the best coastline in the world (in my opinion!)

Of course, we also have rivers, reservoirs, lakes. It’s a great place, very scenic. Lots of sheep.

So throughout my childhood I have been around water – my favourite hobbies as a boy included surf fishing and messing around on cliffs by the sea.

Anyway, my love of kayaks started a few years ago when I bought, on a whim, a Sevylor Colorado. I think it was something like 60% off, and I just couldn’t resist. The thought of being able to go on the water pretty much anytime really grabbed my attention.

And I haven’t looked back since! The inflatable kayak was a total revelation to me – I always thought they were just silly little toys, the kind of thing you get with an ice cream at a seaside town. But this was amazing! It was solid and stable, handled pretty choppy water, it had good manoeuvrability and speed… best of all, it packed up into something about the size of a tote bag and could actually be carried on my back! Game changer.

Previously any excursion on a kayak would require a trailer or a roof rack at the very least – I never thought I would be able to take a boat on a bus. But what do I know?

Anyway, on this website I’ve gathered all I know about my new favourite – the inflatable kayak – for your benefit, dear reader.

If you have any questions just open up my contact form (link at the bottom) and send me an email.

Thanks for dropping by!